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File: 2068aee036cee24⋯.jpeg (91.82 KB, 600x399, 200:133, EE9B1E73-E641-4819-9F12-C….jpeg)

214a32 No.261343

214a32 No.261344

Video Title : Einstein Was Wrong

Video Channel : Pony Dexter

This video has taken everything that I am and feel I know to create. It is a very positive message for the world to try to move us forward from media bias and division. I utilized what I thought was to be the platform for the People to speak, and posted my thoughts. In the middle of the night the video shot up from 200 views to 20,000 Real views, and showed NO sign of stopping. (I was watching the whole thing it was really intense) and it turns out that YouTube MANUALLY HALTED my video and took it out of the suggestion option EVEN THOUGH out of the 20k views, over 5,000 were SUGGESTED the video automatically by YouTube's programming because it Matched whatever qualifications it needed to be promotable. Yet, they stomped out the flame and now, most of the ways that you search for it on YouTube direct? It doesn't show up.

I live in America, bro. I thought that we, as a society, were moving away from Censorship and allowing media platforms to cherry pick the things that They want The People to see. Well, Now that I called them out on their shit, YouTube Direct is giving me the cold shoulder… because I have <10 subscribers and they think they can hide from me. Well, they tried to silence the wrong mother fucker.

Tell your friends… this could get ugly.

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