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File: ac5f65dcc85d9cc⋯.jpg (64.22 KB, 675x376, 675:376, snowden.jpg)

55ca65 No.260061

01c48e No.260062

Fake article. You guys are reading Q lies too much. The true ones who should face charges are Hillary, Obama, Mueller, Comey, McCabe and the many others who have sold-out America, sold-out America secrets for profit - Hillary and Bill are prime examples. Snowden continues to be a true hero.

f72f24 No.260075

Snowden is a hero, for sure.

82ebc0 No.260174

ad46de No.260245

@Snowden will never be arrested and here is why:

- Snowden has his own 'dead mans switch'

- When things get too hot, @Snowden and Co. can release a flurry of data and it will look like someone else did it. That is exactly what the clowns do. Their SW is designed to subvert by doing whatever the fuck they do, and leaving a trail of crumbs right back to their scapegoat; hence, the last server shown in the hop is a Russian server, real or fake does not matter

- @Snowden is a pawn in the wars between the No Such Agency and the Clowns



Ask yourself the critical question(s):

- Who took control of "call management" post 9/11?

- Why the desire for as much data as possible?

- From where does the money come to buy such large amounts of data?

Follow the money, and you have found not only the vulnerabilities, but the culprits who need to be sent back to hell

- You have more than you know

ad46de No.260246


@Snowden is Mossad

ad46de No.260312

Rumor Mill: 4 arrested under sealed/unsealed indictment in Los Angeles federal court. Identities unknown due to hoods and covers as they were escorted into Black Feb Suburbans

- Sauces forthcoming

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