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File: b0a8dfcafab92e7⋯.jpeg (112.79 KB, 501x461, 501:461, 0060FFB2-A1A2-49DC-8B4F-4….jpeg)

24256c No.260034


Are chemtrails on the list?

Is ending fluoride on the list?

Is ending vaccinations on the list?

Is Monsanto on the list?

How do these hurt humankind?

Why is this urgent?


50eed5 No.260059

No use asking the current fake Q. He will not deal with the true issues and he is a clown - banking cartel agent.

da2939 No.260184

File: 5713889a6982eb4⋯.jpg (88.67 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Tree Of Libery.jpg)

File: 2bfa8ee431f2d5a⋯.jpg (146.8 KB, 721x613, 721:613, karlMarxBaruchLevyMeme.jpg)


The questions are valid questions. The problem is:

>We ain't there yet. It took a long time to get here, and it will take a long time to dig our respective way(s) out.

>The Q team isn't on call to answer jack assey questions any time ope' decides to ask them. This could change, but currently he doesn't post on half or infinity channels. The single venue he used was compromised from day 1. The take away that no one seems to get, is that the average goyim is more powerful than the swamp. When those systems in place are systemically flawed, rife with systemically flawed people; it's time to put a new system in place or revive the old one; ensuring that 'The Master Plan' is not unwisely chosen, in accordance with the desires of the deceiver class

>In order to break the conditioning of Marxist/Maoist social and cultural engineering, the entire flawed system must be addressed sooner rather than later; from the nonsensical of a 30-year mortgage that is considered "an investment", to the education system run by propagandists. When Russians realized that 3 of the 4 television channels available to them were shit-tier reruns and the 4th channel was state propaganda, they did something revolutionary and shut off their televisions. They switched from analog to dialogue and began having face-to-face conversations with real people in a communistic, tattle-tale environment. Enter: 'The Russian Dog-Walking hour". The Berlin wall had fallen well before the Reagan speech to Gorbachev

>No, the people who should be summarily hung in the town square and smelled up as a reminder, are in league with a huge number of bad people. when we're told that to clean the swamp would result in 1/3 of the governmental body being "removed", it is a conservative estimate

>The mentality behind the wheels of justice grinding far too slowly for Joe and Jane Goyim, is that those who can be salvaged will go forth and sin no more, while ratting out their bad actor cohorts

>The Goyim are so very generationally programmed to ignore "The Truth®" that they still do not know the difference(s) between the Nazi and the ashkeNAZI

Sorry for the diatribe homegoys

b17b1b No.260189


>>The Q team isn't on call to answer jack assey questions any time ope' decides to ask them. This could change, but currently he doesn't post on half or infinity channels.

Na, he just posts on jack-ass Q-Reasearch board by the clowns non-sense like fake Podesta e-mails, fake internet freedom bills and trash like that. You can keep your fake Q. Fake claims like "trust Sessions", when Sessions is an enemy of American, a Clintonite crime syndicate member. By calling us to support such thugs, Q has become a thug also and an enemy of America.

AT&T’s ‘Internet Bill of Rights’ idea is just a power play against Google and Facebook


You are obviously deluded by this fake Q and the legit Q, if there ever was one, is no where to be found, because the fake Q has taken-over his account. You all at Q-research board are really stupid, aren´t you?

71cd0c No.260191


Sage is not a person, it is just a system response to you when you click on the "do not bump" option.

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