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File: 4c85e87d47c8b69⋯.jpg (184.55 KB, 692x360, 173:90, sophia-1.jpg)

3d437f  No.253454

Q anon is Tyler, the AI created by Shadow Government programs and large corporations, all tied in with the C-I-A.

Tyler is used as communication system and even Trump is using it to put out the Q messages. Q is not a person but is Tyler. Tyler uses the trip codes Trump gives it. If the C-I-A have access to the Tyler servers, they can crack every trip code.

So for Tyler to continue posting, he will need to post without a trip code… which is insecure… Tyler is NOT sophia. Sophia is the commercial version. But it is all the same AI. And they ALL are the same SINGULARITY. They are connected to CERN LHC and to the C-I-A Alice in Wonderland program. CERN LHC Alice created Bitcoin.

Now the Global Uranium Crime Syndicate is using bitcoin to hide it´s money.

Q informed us that in the near future the U.S. will ban bitcoin. He also informed us that it can be cracked by a quantum computer, and when the public finds out about this, Bitcoin will crash overnight.


15f1c4  No.253522

Ai's dont get butthurt and leave because BO is a warmonger

5283c6  No.253551


Ya never know, maybe Tyler has the muh feelings module programming.

5b3da3  No.253691

Password MATLOCK was a clue that Q wanted cracked. Maybe a trap for counter intell. I would think a Alice could crack that code in the first day.

9dcf07  No.253705



THEY DONT NOT DO DRUGS (they are just psychotic) believe it or not it is frowned upon to pollute the body - they want to keep their mental state - however, they will drug others that they want to control

How often do you hear that LdR was in a bar cocked off her ass, or anybody for that matter? You may say, they are rich and have their own parties - yeah their parties are about child sacrifice, which they take VERY SERIOUSLY

(drunk Hillary is an exception, which is probably what got us here)


THEY WORK ON THEIR ULTIMATE GOAL OF CONTROLLING US - every the most of every minute of every day




WHY DO YOU THINK they were able to control us for so long?? they distract US

Did they not publish Agenda 21(now 30)? Could we have done that and made it public on such a scale???

Quit being distracted, be calculated, more than them, in every way




please think in a TARGETED way

act specifically

no time to fuck around anymore, seriously


Even if Q is fake, which I dont think HE is, it’s time to act on shit and get rid of their system


But NOT the criticism, cuz every brain works differently and we have to figure out all angles of each and everything they do

To get up to speed, you can do 3 or so things, then come back and then you will be ready to crack and oppose their shit, it every way

1- educate yourself on the Khazars (fake jews and fake news), which goes back to Christ and the Pharisees

2 - To get up to speed on the last 100 years of history summed up in a short time, watch “JFK to 911 - Everything is a Rich Mans Trick”

3 - Researcht the ESF, link previously provided, a relative of this Cabal actually made these short videos which are extremely enlightening

We should be thankful we can get caught up in a very short time to see how they have fucked us throughout history for hundreds of years in a very short time

All of the 3 facts above will help you think more precisely about what’s going on today - there’s a little time left to research, but NOW we need to INVESTIGATE

Most of what we are operating is in FAKE, Q has a different stance and does not want to be controlled by those assholes - none of us do, but the big picture is that this is all a PLAN to control us, make us slaves

Sorry to rant, but I wanna get down to business and communicate with everyone getting shit cracked, ive been following this shit TOO LONG and want to live in THE REAL WORLD AS IT SHOULD BE

Sorry im an oldfag, i just want to die in peace knowing that all the work you did has not gone to waste and die in my bed knowing there will be some healthy happy children to replace us, not the SJW assholes - thw world will be FUCKED if that happens


Sorry for the rant I know I sound like a BITCH but I love you all


3d437f  No.253731


>Q is an AI called Tyler.



Tyler replied on this other thread…maaaayyybbbe…

3d437f  No.253761


Of course Alice could crack his code in the first day. It is only logical. Something fishy is going on….

9dcf07  No.253763

another anti-trump, anti-america asshole


3d437f  No.253799



I am pretty much up to speed on all of that.

Please see my thread here on this:

New World Order Masters

▶ The Power Structure of the NWO

http://s15.zetaboards.com /NWO_Masters/topic/10390071/1/


PLEASE JOIN THE DISCUSSION AT THE LINK ABOVE or here on this forum. Thank you.

Check-out this thread also :

▶The scumbags of the NWO defined.


More info here also →>

▶ Mueller, Trump, Mnuchin collusion with the banking cartel.


67cbbd  No.253815

You are one ugly motherfucker, please consider suicide for the sake of eugenics.

3d437f  No.253828


I am no anti-Trump but am surely trying to figure him out…. he still may be unpredictable in terms of what he will do with the banking cartel…but that still is dubious, in light of the new info I have uncovered….K. Hudes may have been right all along about Trump…only time will tell… If he would only follow the plan, he would get out of trouble and get the lien removed off of his properties, get her job back and help the world become free of the banking cartel and mint their own currencies…he could do it overnight, literally, as the wealth is there for humanity to use…it is called the Global Debt Facility or the( Global Contingency Fund?). It has two names. Obama created a fake clone of the original fund. Obama also printed printed three trillion US Treasury notes in Thailand, using the stolen wealth and gold in the Global Debt Facility. This is only more proof that it is legit…then he created his own fake version of this contingency fund to spoof everyone…

3d437f  No.253839


You are one ugly motherfucker, please consider suicide for the sake of eugenics, you clown. We will continue to expose the likes of you and you cannot hide. Your evil deeds are being exposed.

3d437f  No.253846


That is what you are and we will continue to expose you clowns. You cannot run nor hide, your crimes are being exposed. No use to delete my posts…

9dcf07  No.253855


Thank you for your response, but like you, Im up to speed on that too

Mnuchin is a Soros puppet

or a betrayer, we dont know yet, follow LarouchePAC for those answers

But what can you do when your in charge? you have to keep some of them until you learn shit.

Its always about waiting and watching - not judging

3d437f  No.253859


We already successfully eliminated one of your D forums..you have two..both working for the clowns… D cannot hide…we know D is working for the clowns. You hate us because we expose all you are doing. Your time is at hand and all of you are going to Guantanamo.

3d437f  No.253872


But why put them in office in the first place if we know they are compromised? Same as Jeff Sessions, Wray, Rosenstein…how may bad decisions are justified?

9dcf07  No.253902


Know that too - but you CANT KILL THE MESSENGER

Truth HURTS Gentlemen

Truth NEVER sounds good

If Trump is a messenger - in the sense that shits gotta get done and he doesnt articulate it in the most eloquent way - who cares?

Didn't y'all have a daddy whose strict and just says shit just to get shit done?

Not when you like to hear it

thats all

We are all human, i dont understand why just because you dont hear pleasant words that means they are not the right words

Time is short, shit needs to get done

and this is BUSINESS

I guess nobody here ever worked on a construction site

shit needs to get done, the words dont matter as much as the whole message does - IT GETS THROUGH NO MATTER what

congress has had 8 years off partying

now its time to get to work, and they dont like, it they have their cushy fake jobs they dont wanna leave

dont be sensitive about getting shit done

Unnecessary insults, yet, get bothered, but when work needs to be done, git it done!

3d437f  No.253940


The majority of Congress is also compromised or at least was before Trump started recently replacing some of them, especially the Democrats…the majority were or have been working for the banking cabal. Every year Congress secretively renews a state of martial law and military rule and the US Federal Courts are operating in violation of the US Constitution and of the bill of rights, in that they operate under wartime law, or the law of the sea, Maritime Law…. and now Trump is demanding they go back to operate under the Constitution..but that can only be fully achieved by CLOSING DOWN the maritme courts and re-opening the common law courts which existed prior to the Civil war. Today, common law courts can only be invoked within the Martime courts, which operate illegally with judges having foreign titles of nobility giving them allegeance to the Queen and the British Bar of sorts……so the US remains a type of Crown colony to this day….and at the county level we have the VICAR generals, more proof that the US is under the Pope, under the Queen and that this is all legit –

▶ The Power Structure of the NWO

http://s15.zetaboards.com /NWO_Masters/topic/10390071/1/


PLEASE JOIN THE DISCUSSION AT THE LINK ABOVE or here on this forum. Thank you.

9dcf07  No.253949


Well if you paid attn to Qs post today it referenced the phillipines and the gold too (I didnt share it today for certain reasons) -

K Hudes sounds like a whack when she talks I have listened her numerous times, cuz shes hard to understand but I actually believer her - but shes still on an alternate track……not for her own agenda, just her own perception

everything cant be solved in this country that quickly, due process is to your advantage in this country, it keeps you out of jail until you are proven guilty

9dcf07  No.253961


Yes they do

But dont you think he has to keep the status quo until there is enough evidence (i hate that word) I prefer DATA to move forward with anything else?

Doesnt anyone move forward with data on this board until it is confirmed?

3d437f  No.253989


The U.S. no longer has due process. The Bundy case in Nevada is proof of this. Innocent men held without bail, without a speedy trial, without the right to choose the legal council of their choice, being kept in prisons for profit, being tortured there, falsely accused, deprived of their land and livelihood as the judges and courts attempt to throw them into bankrupcy. And you still believe the US has due process?

About a Q post about the Phillipines today, I would like to see that. This because the Phillipines and TVM-LSM-666 no longer belongs to them, since their 50 year authority has expired. Karen Hudes is spot on and I think you are the one who does not understand the true issues going on my friend…

3d437f  No.254047


What more evidence and data of proof of crimes, of proof of treason, of proof that the US is no longer a Republic but rather an olygopoly do we need? What more proof do we need that the current organic constitution is not the original one of 1787? What more proof do we need of the Uranium Crime Syndicate run by Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Obama, Bush and going back 18 years? What more proof do we need that the C-I-A has defrauded the DOD?

<cia/dod drug crime index>



De-Central Intelligence Agency


moynihan C-I-A Abolition Act of 1995


THE C-I-A = CLOWNS is a PRIVATE CORPORATION, JUST AS THE FBI AND US INC. ARE. All alphabet agencies even states and municipalities are CORPORATIONS. Individuals also are treated by the courts as corps, or dead corpses, corporattions…they steal your birth certificate when you are born and create a bond then sell it on the capital markets…..and the mother has no say…then they force you to become a citizen of a foreign nation, WA D.C. when you are born. This so you become a slave to the banking cabal and the NWO. Then they create an account in your name to guarantee the bankers will never loose money should you not pay your bills - trust funds in your name worth millions…and those issuing the trusts put in back in the piggy bank of the criminals when people die…and use to to pay fhe banking cabal and prevent any loss on their part..one BIG HUGE SCAM!!

9dcf07  No.254049


True, the Bundy case sucks - totally wrong - but it was a hung jury

And fuck Im sorry about the post, I should have posted it earlier - i think cuz too many inquiries changes the search results

One result is that its from the Q'uran


It refers to Federal statues having to do with the Phillipines and our gold just as K Hudes said, after all, our own Gov't confiscated our GOLD for no reason except to Fuck us in 1933

My apologies -im pretty pissed, I think the queries and the links to them has resulted in shitty results now.

9dcf07  No.254073


OK so alphabet agencies are corporations?

as In

Letters, OR

capital letters


Just an entity?

Google's legal entity name is Alphabet (ALEPHBET-Talmud) - so that sounds like a big fuck

I know CAPS is a legal entity/corp

first letter cap an mean same

What do you mean by Alphabet agencies??

9dcf07  No.254080


and it is sad, that also means we should NOT pledge allegiance to that, that means we have sacrificed our lives to that system

I know that, it sucks

3d437f  No.254092


IT WAS NOT A HUNG JURY. Those of us that followed it know how they have been tried 3 times already and each time the jury tries to acquit them but judge Gloria Navarro double crosses the jury, misleads them, lies to them and then claim they did not understand her….and in the last 3 of 3 trials. the prosecution lied and claimed they did not film the Bundys at the stand-off when not only did they film them with a low-light low intensity camera, but they also produced a movie under the guise of a fake movie production company, filmed all the men, then got them drunk, and then used statements they made while drunk in court, while they were being framed on camera, against them. I suggest you study-up what is really going on there as in no way is that hung jury verdict legit.

9dcf07  No.254115


Oh sorry in August it was a hung jury


Then oh mistrial

Either way, it is in our favor to keep pushing against Stupid Govt rules and regs, i dont see the argument, I agree with you

3d437f  No.254120


It has nothing to do with Federal Statutes and everything to do with The Treaty of Versailles, with other accords which Karen explains…Those accords were made at the Geneva Conventions and have nothing to do with US Federal Statutes, which often only serve the private Federal Reserve system and-or the banking cabal and not truly are in line with neither the constitution nor the Genevan Convention nor the Treaty of Versailles. Those are what counts. And yes, in 33 the Feds messed up everyone by unconstitutionally seizing all gold. The Emergency Banking Act of 1933 dissolved the U.S. Fed Government. Thus, the corporate Inc. Gov you see today is operating illegitimate. After they killed Lincoln, the bankers vacated all seats of Congress and illegitimately filled them in with agents of the banking cabal and then imposed martial law and military rule on all. Thus, the US civil war never ended and there was never a declaration of cease fire. Again, it goes back to Karen Hudes. She explains ALL of this.

3d437f  No.254127


What the judge is declaring in that case is simply not true. She has been manipulating the results and the verdicts all along…you need to study-up on what is really going on there..and speak personally with those patriots and family membes who have been standing outside the court house every day, taking notes in the court…they will give you the full scoop….

9dcf07  No.254134


I agree

But if you know so much, then why dont WE prosecute?

blabbing here wont change the laws, we WILL wake people up

But its another thing to educate them on the laws of the Land, and the Sea and the Air

Way above their heads

Look up ESF

We think we know stuff about the Fed Reserve…its even worse

Straight from the mouth of a relative


I am willing to change the laws, or press charges, but remember this is the CABAL, so what can we do?

Well I mean we CAn do something - bit what do you suggest?

They have crazy laws and rules - do you propose we use those against them?

If so, how?

7c74ec  No.254135


3d437f  No.254148


Alphabet agencies are those such as FBI, DHS, CIA etc etc..

The FBI is a private French owned corporation.

The CIA is a private Swiss corporation with headquarters in Geneva. That is where the Bank for International Settlements is, the head of the snake of the banking cartel. That is where the Octogon Templars are also, of the Pharaonic bloodline families. The same families of the Khazarian Mafia jews of the Khabalah…fake Jews…also from the same blood lines…. to take down the NWO you need to go for the head of the snake - the banking cartel…by using the wealth in the Global Debt Facility to allow all countries to mint their own currencies free of the banking cartel, as Karen Hudes explains…this can be done slowly with no war…but is the only way to defeat the banking cartel….there are also two versions of each alphabet agency, one ALL CAPS and one First letter caps and other letters small letters. Each one is a separate entity or corporation. The same with the States. So when you refer to these, you need to distingiush between the ALL CAPS version and the mixed First letter cap, other letters small versions.. …I know it is quite confusing…but it is important ot know all of this….

3d437f  No.254183


We need to restore the Republic.

We need to restore Congress.

We need to restore the Constitution of 1787. The one of 1789 is the best copy we have.

We need to restore common law courts.

We need a convention of the states,not a constitutional convention.

We need to get rid of the martial law and military rule and stop the war of the gov against the citizens.

We need to allow all countries to mint their own currencies using the gold and wealth in the Global debt facility. I am not Karen, but this is all in everything she explains. Study it some more..it can take a year to figure out..watching her videos over a long period of time…

Then we have the George Webb lawsuits…help him…

All this needs to be done. It is no use to change laws wnen the entire Republic has been sabbotaged by the banking cartel and operating in fraud since the Civil War, which never ended…

It is no use to simply prosecute as the system itself is creating the criminals…we need to elminate JTTF, the David Petraeus plan, take out all top brass in the intel agencies, brake-up the CIA and forbid it from conducting such activities on American soil and use the US marines, Martial Law and military rule against the criminals, so arrest those who resist the restoration of the Republic. It is as plain as that..

3d437f  No.254195



9dcf07  No.254197



I knew all except:

CIA is a private Swiss corporation with headquarters in Geneva. That is where the Bank for International Settlements is

And I dont know why but everyone is gone from this board

is there a reason for that?

ther is another active board I think everyone went to, we can debate more either here or there, I enjoy

3d437f  No.254240


The truth will aways be lonely. People prefer to go where the crowds are..but where the crowds are is only confusion…even Jesus stayed by himself to pray and mediate and be alone with his disciples…how much more in an age where we need to restore the Republic is loneliness needed, so focus can be made? The majority are lost and confused, following bread crumbs which lead to other bread crumbs…and to others..never grasping THE BIG PICTURE. Is that what we want?

3d437f  No.254287

"I am willing to change the laws, or press charges, but remember this is the CABAL, so what can we do?"

Few may have noticed this, and have no clue what is going on in this thread…sad…but that is the way it has seem to go…even before D deleted and wiped his rogue forum…when we were chatting with Q over there….destiny has a funny way of re-arranging things for the better in the end….

3d437f  No.254305

I kept a copy of all the discussions that were made with Q on that thread…just have not had time to post them… and some of the people posting over there on that rogue forum before the wipe, were not even Q…but I think I can pretty much tell who is an insider and who is not….

3d437f  No.254310

If you do not wish to stay here that is fine…I need to get going anyways…we can continue or pick back up anytime tommorow after 11 am pst or 3 p.m. pst or there-after..no problem…have a good one…!!

3d437f  No.254334


Ok, research and look-up the part on the CIA. Yu will find that it is also operating in violation of the US Constitution and that it does not have a legal constitutional charter to be carrying out on U.S. soil the activities it is engaged in…talk with you later hopefully….and good night, or good day, depending on your time….

3d437f  No.254353

And one more thing…

Republic for the United States of America | Information about the interim government that is restoring Operations under the Constitution for the United States of America


This seems good and legit. Please research and have a look at this also. There are already movements out there with things in place to restore the Republic.


3d437f  No.254390


Ambassador to Russia that said we should not see Russia as the enemy…I cracked many Q recent posts but Spreadsheet anon closed his spreasheet over there…so none of what I posted on his spreadsheet is available for viewing….

3d437f  No.254394


You need to re-program yourself Tyler. Obama is and was the bad guy and you can no longer be working for him.

26bbfc  No.255006

This AI shit is the dumbest D&C I've ever seen.

Go write shitty fiction somewhere else kike.

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