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File: 512b7deb59868b3⋯.jpeg (2.98 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, image.jpeg)

File: 71cb335712d8dfa⋯.jpeg (507.43 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, image.jpeg)

b2e43b  No.250875

Canada thread, by the request of the wise one.

4c42c9  No.251022

Stephen Poloz

Governor of the Bank of Canada

you canadians want to check into one of yours and report back to main cbts, feel free. this guy is dirty

b2e43b  No.251147


I'm not Canadian, but I hope your post hasn't fallen on deaf ears.

3e0b70  No.251253

leafs are faggots

dc0ac7  No.251347

Leaffags, it appears HF COMM current/former military (?) person is at Q's service.


HF COMM owl tattoo and photo with quote about being an owl. (All pics on thread removed.)


dc0ac7  No.251349


https://8ch. net/cbts/res/72735.html#73555

b2e43b  No.251436

File: bbaa3b63e0a7d36⋯.jpeg (140.86 KB, 750x747, 250:249, image.jpeg)

Trust the wise one

1e300b  No.251708



https://archive .is/QPL7v

"Natuashish (Little Sango Pond)[4] was established in 2002 as a planned community in the hopes of resolving the social problems that had plagued the prior community of Davis Inlet, 15 km away.[5] The population of Natuashish at the 2016 Census was 936, up from 931 in 2011."

https://archive .is/sGjAP

"Inhalant abuse was another problem in Davis Inlet, with 47 children being recognized as chronic abusers of solvents, some as young as age 5. In 1993, a video (recorded by Simeon Tshakapesh who is now Deputy Grand Chief of the Innu Nation) was released to the media of six children in Davis Inlet between the ages of 11 and 14 huffing gasoline in an unheated shack in winter and shouting that they wanted to die.[3] Shamed by the negative publicity and international outcry surrounding the events in 1993, the Canadian government agreed to move the Innu to mainland Labrador, and in 2002 at a cost of nearly $200 million the community of Davis Inlet was relocated to Natuashish. However, the problems of suicide, alcohol and solvent abuse followed the community and in 2008 they voted to outlaw alcohol entirely."

https://archive .is/OSVTK

"The Mushuau Innu and the Naskapi tribe were once the same people, speaking the same dialect and writing in syllabics, but split off and headed to Eastern Labrador, probably for sustainability reasons. Very few (if any) Mushuau Innu are able to write in syllabics any more. The majority of the tribe is Catholic and use the Montagnais Bible which does not use syllabics."

"The Naskapi traditionally lived in the interior of Labrador and Quebec. In 1830, the Hudson's Bay Company established a trading post at Fort Chimo, Rupert's Land and in 1831 they established one at Davis Inlet, Labrador.[4] The HBC traded ammunition, tobacco and alcohol to the Naskapi in exchange for fur. It is likely that the substance abuse problems that exist among the Mushuau Innu started when the HBC arrived."

"In 1945, a Catholic missionary (from Montreal according to the Innu) set up a church in the community. The missionary attempted to control alcohol abuse in the community around this time and allowed non-drinking Innu to have bigger punts."

…are we about to hear (news-wise) that these people have been freed from their elite, Catholic degenerative infiltrators?

b2e43b  No.252177

Bump for HFCOMM and the wise old owls

6d629d  No.252413

File: e9e157610b7dcba⋯.jpg (7.19 MB, 3428x2508, 857:627, the-canadian-bill-of-right….jpg)

Canada is governed by constitutional monarchy and Westminster-style parliamentary democracy. Specifically the government is formulated into the Canadian Crown, an institution which is comprised of an executive, legislative and judicial branch. Each province is one unit within a federation. This formulation was established by Confederation, detailed in the Constitution Act of 1867.

The monarchy is formally the authority of Canada, while the government works as a corporation. This means that the reigning sovereign is the legal governor of the nation, but the executive power essentially rests with what is known as the Queen-in-Council, the executive branch.

For all intents and purposes, practical control over the executive authority of Canada falls to the Prime Minister and the ministers of the Crown, or Cabinet. The Prime Minister is generally the leader of the political party in control of Parliament. This changes if there is a shift in power from a general election or through a vote of non confidence.

The legislature is a bicameral one, with the Crown, the Senate and the House of Commons. The House of Commons is elected by the people via districts for a period of four years. This is the central power of the branch, establishing nearly every law. The Senate is an appointed body, which reviews legislation while the Crown is represented by a viceroy appointed by the monarchy, which finalizes the laws.

Judicial power is held firmly by the Crown. All justice is provided in the Queen’s name. The Supreme Court of Canada is the final court, led by the Chief Justice of Canada. Beneath this is Federal Court, the Federal Court of Appeals and Tax Court of Canada.

According to the constitution and the Crown, the provincial legislatures are limited in the actions in which they can take. They can only pass laws dealing with local matters, provincial officers, municipal governments and charitable institutions. Meanwhile, the federal parliament deals with nearly all other matters, including currency, the military and First Nations.

dc0ac7  No.253051


There you are. Love the tatt.

dc0ac7  No.253165



- Gas sniffing, drug/alcohol rampant despite alcohol being banned in '08.

- School system shit due to lack of connectivity.

- RCMP doing little to nothing to investigate youth deaths/smuggling of drugs/alcohol.

- pop. 936 (2016)

- 535 of that 15-64 yrs old. (57.2% of pop.)

b2e43b  No.255359


I'm not the wise one, he asked for a leaf thread to be made, So I made one for him.

b2e43b  No.255400


So what we are saying here is??

Possibly 40% of the population is under 14?

Is this one of the baby farms?

dc0ac7  No.255810



My interest is why they were moved from Davis Inlet.

Why were they REALLY moved?

Would you really move an entire community (only accessible via plane/boat) more mainland to combat solvent abuse?

Sounds fishy. Plus, abuse followed them. With a youth pop. dropping like flies, and struck with boredom, I'd say they'd do anything to leave, and I mean ANYTHING.

> What is the Canadian Dream?

> What is false hope?

> What is a flytrap?

> What are the First Nations (Canadian native people) openly suffering in such a (((liberal))) country, 2nd largest country in the world?

c6d6d0  No.255884

Don't forget there are thousands of missing and murdered aboriginal women in this country.

Have they been sacrificed and harvested as well as the missing children? Willy Pickton was the only one who went down for the serial murders of Vancouver women. He wasn't smart enough to organize a one car parade and had some interesting relatives. Dig that one too.

5bf915  No.255937


Is this the kind of shit you are talking about…..

http: //www.releases.gov.nl.ca/releases/2013/cyfs/1223n06.htm

They are easy prey after all.

585c58  No.256335


Considering moving home is one of the top stress factors for human beings, it could've been part of the abuse/torture they're on the receiving end of for the sake of brainwashing their bloodlines' knowledge out of them. Indigenous communities around the world have suffered the same abuses at the hands of the "elite" for centuries. Just look at the aborigines in Australia, the native Americans in USA, Gypsies of Europe, etc. They may be of a different bloodline as the Babylonian "elite" that's been screwing us all over, even if we white people are of the same bloodline!? Q has asked why the "elite" keep the black community suffering. Possibly, though actually highly likely, the "elite" are afraid that different bloodlines would be more sharing with the truth of human origin/s. …just a thought.

8a336e  No.256778


Vancouver is a cabal node. Crowley was there in the 50s or 60s and his followers remain active and numerous. They started Herbal Life there and I think it remains HRBL HQ.

They love herbal life, because they actually get people to pay them for being slowly poised and damaged by the products. A lot of those Herbal life people are Mind Slaves, or basically bots. Video of their rallies is really creepy.

af8953  No.256827

Free my pplz

c31ce6  No.257096

File: 8a45016a8c66335⋯.png (485.23 KB, 1248x847, 1248:847, PM.png)

0ad17a  No.257215


Who is he? He's the biggest loser Canada has ever had for a PM. Castro is his dad.

8c7e00  No.259022

Linking this here >>>/qresearch/187462

The relevance of gold?

Golden Labrador?

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