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File: 1493e587b820c68⋯.png (180.22 KB, 1266x701, 1266:701, Selection_016.png)

6157dd  No.222352

It looks like Q's tripcode has been discovered.

6157dd  No.222372


*Old Tripcode

4fbc84  No.222519


you know what they did right? and are going to do? make it impossible to find anything related to the old tripcode cause it will be buried in dumb memes

016caf  No.222633

The Clowns were never trying to brute force Q's tripcode. It would have taken seconds to crack with any real resources put toward doing so.

Tripcode security was never a major consideration, or Q would have started with a ## secure code. And even that could be brute forced by glow in the darks. (Let's not kid ourselves.)

So how did it take this long? Q's current trip will probably be cracked within the week. Amirite?

6157dd  No.222900


>Q's current trip will probably be cracked within the week. Amirite?

Tripcodes are not verification. Q needs to post a public key either here, or on say http://pgp.mit.edu/

Then sign all posts will their private key (example here - https://libraryfreedomproject.org/how-to-pgp-sign-a-message/), and post the signed text.

Otherwise nothing can be trusted. At this point there has probably been many larpers posting as Q.

798ec8  No.223418

Wait a second. Some of the smartest in the intelligence community and after the fallout from Podesta's p@ssword hacking is using "Matlock" as an anonymous password to protect this very nation.

What the??

e85433  No.223632


>Tripcode security was never a major consideration, or Q would have started with a ## secure code.

bullshit, if he had used a secure trip, he never could have moved from 4ch to 8ch and proved his identity

dfa148  No.223854

lurker here. That is not good. Hope Q puts a stop to the shills and avoids being comped. Sending Positive Vibes to Q and everyone on 8ch

a26938  No.224205


clowns own 4chan so we have no idea if they cracked it or just read the server logs.

985750  No.224206


It would help the rest of us understand what you're talking about if you used some proper grammar.

f1b9fc  No.226542

This raises a lot of questions for me.

1. How long has it been cracked? Just because someone recently posted about it, doesn't mean they are the first or that they haven't known for a while.

2. Why would someone as important as Q have such a weak password? Granted, I don't suppose people are going around putting Matlock in every field like sage. Your bank requires tougher passwords.

3. Did he know it would be easily cracked? Maybe we were meant to know that word for a reason.

4. Did Q see this coming around Christmas? That could explain the past few days of inactivity.

5. Are we in the 10 days of darkness? If Q knew that passwords would be cracked, he needed time to figure out a new way to communicate with us. It's clear ops are happening at the moment, so maybe once they die down he'll return.

6. How will we know it's Q if he returns? Anyone claiming to be Q now will be suspect.

0798e2  No.226549


When the original Q, the one with the access to the POTUS returns, we will know.

0798e2  No.226556

Honestly this is the biggest mindfuck of this entire thing.

798ec8  No.227294


Let's look at some evidence for both.


1. Password of Matlock is found, and someone toys with us here and half chan.

2. The secondary, updated password is never provided which REAL Q could easily do.

3. Various explanations for easy PW, including being another crumb and any unsecure password could be cracked.

4. Think of all the SHILLS/404's/gore/manpower used against us especially with important drops.

5. Q vs Twitter, nearly exact timestamp difference (5/10/15 mins). LARPER couldn't do this.


1. The "revealed Q" posts on 4chan dropping hints on the PW before revealing


2. He also posts on 8chan. Start here. >>224690

2. It appears to be one user who posted until "Matlock" unleashed who was condescending in attitude.

3. Q went dark for several days, supposed Q reveals he ran out of questions and was bored and that most crumbs were picked up from POL and regurgitated.

I'm 60/40 with the current info. If the other PW is provided in next 24 hrs, then my vote is 95%+ LARP.

798ec8  No.227323


Forgot to add: Trump twitter photo with Q thumbs up, Saudi A. paper on desk, and of course using "wonderful day" in tweets

f097c9  No.227636


You should lurk for a few months, maybe learn how tripcodes actually work, dunce.

f097c9  No.227639


Q is 100% real.

Lots of drops were validated with Trump tweets.

798ec8  No.229222


Trumps tweets today gave me renewed hope and I think the trip was cracked.

Why do bad actors want us off this trail?

It is interesting how Trump specifically calls DOJ "deep state" and refers to no downed commerical airliners this year in his tweets today.


0798e2  No.229274


I think it was intentionally made crackable because Matlock is a clue. If Q's new trip is cracked in a short while it'll be safe to assume that Q is not worried about re-verifying his ties to authority (AF1, DOITQ hash collision, etc). The only bad actor here is Fear, Uncertainly, and Doubt.

498830  No.234817


3ccfb7  No.258270


>At this point there has probably been many larpers posting as Q.

Q is one big, giant larp you gullible faggot.

f349bf  No.258290


all Qs up to Jan 4th were real. since then they all have been fake.


f3d9ff  No.258317

ALL of these boards are compromised, evidenced by this thread being closed for no reason (flimsy excuse given for closing it).

Is Q anon is driven by a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence?



Sorry to have to tell you.

It is no use for anyone to continue posting on any of these boards, including Q.

Now you know.

(Go Clown somewhere else fag)

34cf99  No.258322


This thread isn't closed fuckhead. And /cbts/ has not been taken over.

863238  No.258323


>Sorry to have to tell you.

>It is no use for anyone to continue posting on any of these boards, including Q.

>Now you know.

Sorry to have to tell YOU.

It is no use for you glow-in-the-dark shills to continue shilling on any of these boards. You're just too fucking obvious. You may confuse many, but you'll never confuse all.

Now you know, that we know. We ALL know.

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