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File: 676c52e4806db84⋯.jpeg (225.23 KB, 1170x668, 585:334, AEFFA075-789F-4442-A47A-8….jpeg)

731d12  No.213111

Are we living in a simulation?

This Storm seems so profound - this was at the top of my video feed today… it’s worth a watch.

Elon Musk and some TED type stuff, I never really gave the Simulated Universe theory any thought before, but this is interesting…

Imagine all of this is programmed to an extent, all of us have our own code, still conscious but players in a Game.

Sounds crazy, but watch the video..

https:/ /vimeo.com/248146468

a04338  No.213185

File: a4f7b1f604233d9⋯.png (880.05 KB, 1032x1032, 1:1, 2017-12-30_1740.png)



yes, created by jews. They are the cabal, they are the elite, they are the globalists, masons, illuminati.

It's. The. Jews.

2ceb47  No.213501

What if Q is actually the C_A's HAMMER supercomputer sending potential seditious actors on a wild goose chase while they collect personal information on us to charge us with crimes against the state?

d4e366  No.213805


old id post

date does not match with "thursdday"

7335ff  No.213864


Yeah, you do yourself no good faking a Q post.

2ee80c  No.217625

File: 00738da14424e47⋯.jpg (55 KB, 750x544, 375:272, gen-robert-lee.jpg)


Check out Tom Campbell on the youtubes. He's got an interesting take on the simulation idea, much more on the level than many others who espouse the idea. I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.

f22049  No.217716

not nationalism vs globalism

not right vs left

but real vs not real

029d9a  No.217720


You are witnessing the juxtaposition of Free Will and Divine Mandate

6c4fa7  No.217789


See vs Notsee

Service to Others vs Service to Self

Knowledge vs Experience

Assemble into All vs Endlessly Divide

f84fa3  No.217807

Yes and no.

This reality is a fractal hologram. You can liken it to a computer simulation but it is not one. There is no difference between a dream and reality, except the contents of reality are made more rigid by collective belief and according to Universal Laws. In truth they are the same. So we are one entity (God-Source) dreaming separation. Look at the structure of matter - it keeps going down, atom is comprised of yet smaller subatomic particles and so on. And the double slit experiment proves that everything exists just as waveform until consciounsness breaks the Von Neumann chain. The point of the entire game is to walk the path back to this Unity, using the power of Love. Your life is showing you the way the whole time, and you always have a choice whether you follow or not. The events that are transpiring around the world are reflection of the inner workings of the global society as a whole - negative choices produce negative events, and positive choices produce positive events. The society has made a lot of negative choices in the past and therefore enabled the rooting of the dark satanic cabal, and now it's time to weed them out. That's all that matters.

01d551  No.218131


HPC/ADAS/Computer science fag here.

The answer is not only no, but hell no.

To simulate reality at a high enough resolution to be useful would require a machine so large and vast first, it would need to be built in space around or in orbit of a solar object. The resources required are also immense, but could be accomplished with robotics.

The data storage of such a machine would need something on the order of 400 exabytes for human intelligence, and 40 zettabytes (projected) for our data; about 1050 cubic meters, based on a 1TB/in^2 professed theoretical maximum for hard drives. We'll consider doubling size of human intelligence for the animal kingdom, putting us at about 1060.

Then you would need space to store all of the physical things like plants, animals, vehicles, mountains, oceans, fault lines, continents, etc.

This is where the problem is, as these all have high randomness and are also not very compressible at all. If this could be compressed to 1% of its current size it would give us about 10 billion cubic kilometers just for the data storage.

Then you have the problems of powering such a monster, and the associated heat dissipation issues. So lets say we build it as solar ring for power and have fins out the back to radiate the heat.

This is all very possible for some kind of super advanced civilization, but it is not the problem.

You simply cannot build a computer that can run faster than its own reality. Thus, it simply cannot run in real time.

You would have to observe it for an extremely long time. What do you do in the first 5 billion years of your simulation running while life develops? It will take hundreds of billions of years by your perspective.

a0df10  No.218714

Nope. Multidimentions. We are the 3rd.

8023f6  No.225623


Now you are utilizing Occam's razor. I am about to go dark because I feel your statement is the most logical. It makes me wander if Anons haven't already been silenced.

f22049  No.225750


Nobody can put you into a box when you're a Realist, because you believe all that is real and expose the fake. There are no political lines they can draw, even if you are basically literally hitler in your beliefs. Nobody can write you off as "alt-right" when you're a Realist.

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