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File: 8f82ab5ab392f1b⋯.jpg (119.77 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1 KJU Nuke.jpg)

83d4f2  No.193686

Text, sauce, and pics/graphics from this Twat: https://twitter.com/colemanbracken/status/945486217386143744

83d4f2  No.193695

File: 0af7e85c55daf28⋯.jpg (528.24 KB, 2276x1280, 569:320, 2. Globalist WWIII Plan.jpg)

1. The conspiracy to start World War III: How North Korea got NASA and SpaceX Missile tech from Eric Schmidt of Google, the Clinton cult, the DNC, and Obama.

The implications are far beyond current national realization.

2. North Korea probably got their Uranium and Nuke-bomb tech from the US through Iran, courtesy of Obama and Hillary. But where did they get their rocket know-how?

3. I’ll start with Space X. SpaceX began in 2002 and grew MAGICALLY into the ONLY successful private/commercial low-earth space vehicle delivery company.


4. It’s only real competition when the Obama shut down NASA’s Shuttle program in 2011, was Orbital Sciences, but they faded out after too many failures.


83d4f2  No.193698

File: 620b74d741cdd2f⋯.jpg (153.72 KB, 1054x306, 31:9, 5. Rockets Built from Scra….jpg)

File: 8a7b9ecd49e098b⋯.jpg (59.44 KB, 868x122, 434:61, 7.ULA Boeing Lockheed.jpg)

File: c485fef26bd9ca1⋯.jpg (184.18 KB, 940x414, 470:207, 8 McStain helps SpaceX.jpg)

5. Both SpaceX and Orbital Sciences built their rockets from scratch, NASA did not give them the tech. NASA did NOT want to lose its shuttle program. SpaceX owns its missile tech, not NASA or the USG.

6. SpaceX successfully delivered goods to the ISS, and seeking to be profitable, sought additional launch contracts. Namely with the US Department of Defense.

7. The DoD had an ongoing contract for space launch capability with a joint venture company comprised of established, natural competitors; Boeing and Lockheed called “United Launch Alliance” (ULA).

8. Enter Globalist Senator John McStain. Musk broke ULA’s monopoly on DoD launches by taking them to court, and with HELP from McStain, who also invoked assistance of the puppet SECDEF (Carter).

9. The entrance of McStain into SpaceX is key for two reasons; globalist clubs, and SAUDIS. Hold on to the Saudis.

http: //spacenews.com/spacex-u-s-air-force-to-enter-mediation-over-ula-blockbuy/

83d4f2  No.193703

File: fa1d121273ca505⋯.jpg (139.69 KB, 1016x488, 127:61, 13 SpaceX Private.jpg)

File: be74b6fe7e3d0e0⋯.jpg (26.55 KB, 600x300, 2:1, 14 palantir.jpg)

10. The SpaceX v. ULA court decisions are sealed; we don’t know what deals were made. We DO KNOW that SpaceX became certified to handle NATIONAL SECURITY products afterwards.


11. We also know that ULA was out of the game. ULA did not bid on DoD launches past the expiration of its current contract with the DoD. Weird, right? Wonder what happened.

12. Quick recap:

2011 Obama cancels NASA’s Shuttle Program, SpaceX funded (in part) by US grants.

2015 McCain helps SpaceX get DoD access and ULA is removed from the program entirely.

13. SpaceX is a private company, which means we can’t see their books. We also can’t see their investors or how much control each investor has. It’s also why SpaceX owns its missile tech.


14. Original SpaceX investors: Wikipedia lists Peter Thiel as a SpaceX investor (Founders Fund). Thiel created Palantir, which is a turbo-datamining/processing-tech on meth. It mines anything digital. ANYTHING.

83d4f2  No.193706

File: aa6ea8c5518c44e⋯.jpg (179.14 KB, 1146x370, 573:185, 16. Theil InQTel.jpg)

File: 1e3f597ce90940a⋯.jpg (79.39 KB, 620x497, 620:497, 17 Mugatu So hot right now….jpg)

File: 1c4206d6391eff7⋯.jpg (85.96 KB, 788x358, 394:179, 18. Steve at Heff's house.jpg)

15. Theil and Musk also created PayPal together.


16. The CIA invested $2M in Theil’s Palantir via InQTel (CIA’s VC arm), Palantir is used by almost all US intel agencies. Amazing how tech companies doomed for bankruptcy somehow become successful overnight! Palantir, Facebook, Amazon, and SpaceX all have this in common.

17. Nov 2017, another early SpaceX investor, Steve Jurvetson (Draper Fisher Jurvetson) was forced to leave his VC firm amid sexual deviancy allegations…So hot right now.


18. I wonder if Steve Jurvetson ever visited the Playboy Mansion? It looks like it. This account could be fake, but when you explore his Flickr Photos, it’s all Steve doing Steve stuff. So, maybe?

Cannot make this stuff up.


19. The reason I ask about the Playboy Mansion? It would explain why he resigned (see embedded thread) and it also dovetails into the final SpaceX investor I want to highlight: Rizvi Traverse (again).


83d4f2  No.193710

File: 43a35b8eabbf41a⋯.jpg (42.55 KB, 672x292, 168:73, 20. Rizvi deletes from int….jpg)

File: 62adfeca37385f4⋯.png (503.86 KB, 601x600, 601:600, 22. bintalalcorruptmoneyma….png)

File: 48c7b46545eb5a1⋯.jpg (15.05 KB, 255x138, 85:46, 23 Muh Harvard.jpg)

20. It’s impossible to figure out how much of SpaceX is owned by Rizi Traverse. Rizvi literally pays people to erase himself and his business from the internet. All I can say is that Rizvi holds some portion of SpaceX.

21. Rizvi invested Billionaire Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal’s money in Playboy, and it is probable that he invested Talal’s money in SpaceX too. Why? Because like the Playboy Mansion, what SpaceX has is EXTREMELY VALUABLE.

http: //www.rizvitraverse.com/portfolio/

22. Refresher: bin Talal is the Saudi dirty-money-man. He was arrested in KSA with 30+ other princes on corruption charges. Last we heard about him, he was hanging from his feet being beaten by American mercenaries in Riyadh, KSA.

23. Bin Talal donated MILLIONS to the Clintons (campaign & Orgs) and to the John McStain Institute. Talal paid for Obama’s Harvard Education, and he owns the top floors of Mandalay Bay.

http: //www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-20/mccain-institute-donors-look-disturbingly-similar-clinton-foundation-soros-teneo-sau

24. Finally Google. Google invested $1B in SpaceX in early 2016. In-fact, just a few months after Obama’s Iran-Nuke Deal.


83d4f2  No.193718

File: 4e987dff780bec0⋯.jpg (141.72 KB, 634x594, 317:297, 29 Elon's kids.jpg)

25. Iran-Nuke deal refresher: Jan 2016 Obama sent $1.8B cash to Iran in unmarked planes, and sent 10 tons of Iran’s enriched uranium to … ??? Both probably went to North Korea. Details here:


26. Back to Google. Articles say that Google bought about 10% of SpaceX. Again we can’t see if that’s a controlling share or not. SpaceX became exempt from reporting securities information in 2009 under exemption 506(b).


27. Recap: SpaceX’s shady political influence (McCain and Obama’s SECDEF) + shady investors (CIA-Theil, Playboy Mansion- Jurvetson, Corrupt Saudi-Talal, Globalist-Schmidt/Google) = magical success

28. I struggled with Elon Musk. There are plenty of new theories and MEMEs floating around about him personally helping NK with ICBMs; but I’m not sold on it for several reasons. It is possible, but not probable IMO.

29. Elon has 6 kids and he seems to do actual good work. He is hell-bent on making stuff happen. He does have the mark of “the chosen” though, and his companies survive on government grants, that all makes him suspect of corruption.

30. A scrub of Wikileaks shows that he Elon was not sought after by the Globalists.

A John Podesta email shows Elon as a 3rd-rate attendee choice for a major Democrat Green event (fund raiser)…he didn’t attend


83d4f2  No.193720

31. Another email shows Elon as an alternate choice for a different Clinton fund raising event. Despite all the press Musk gets, the Clinton cult did not seek him for it.


32. Elon has never attended Bilderberg. Nor the Bohemian Grove, nor is he part of the Trilateral Commission, or the Council on Foreign Relations- None of the key globalist groups. I found no images of Elon and secret societies (Owl, occult, etc.)


33. Moving back to SpaceX investors: CIA friend, Playboy Mansion dude, Rizvi/upside-down prince bin Talal, and GOOGLE’s Eric Schmidt.

34. Eric Schmidt, as many of you know, resigned from Alphabet Inc. on 21 Dec 2017, after 16 years at Google. Weird to suddenly “step-down”…timing?


35. “Coincidentally”, @POTUS signed an Executive Order (EO) to stifle foreign abusers of human rights and corruption THE SAME DAY.


83d4f2  No.193726

File: 5b8defccf5d26a4⋯.jpg (97.25 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 37. New EO is BO's buddy!.jpg)

File: 1a1f59679d9b5e1⋯.jpg (60.89 KB, 662x272, 331:136, 39. EO ANY PERSON.jpg)

File: 1fcb169d201a2bb⋯.jpg (53.39 KB, 600x398, 300:199, 42 FINGCABAL.jpg)

File: 84a70b9e9ff4010⋯.jpg (73.38 KB, 789x410, 789:410, 43. Schmidt Burning Man Ow….jpg)

36. This EO targets FOREIGN people, orgs, or entities who violate human rights (think trafficking) AND/OR who are CORRUPT. It directs the US Treasury to freeze their assets. Think about that for a minute.

That’s a BROAD, sweeping edict.

37. Funny, EO-identified target #5, Yahya Jammeh, is a buddy of Obamas.

38. 12 of 14 of the EO-targeted persons are directly or indirectly tied to the Clintons.


39. But wait, there’s more! The EO directs the Treasury to freeze assets of ANY PERSON who did “bidness” with those foreigners (think bin Talal and the KSA takedown, North Korea, Haiti, etc.). ANY PERSON.

40. So the EO is published early 21 Dec, hours later Eric Schmidt of Google “steps down”.

41. Let’s take a look at Eric Schmidt. This whole time I thought he was just a nerdy, California Silicon Valley tech douche…and he is…but there’s more to this douche than meets the eye.

42. Schmidt is a Bohemian Grove guy…you know, the OWL CLUB?

http: //www.sfgate.com/opinion/saunders/article/Bohemian-Grove-men-only-2355089.php

43. Here he is with his Owl hat at burning man (butterfly?) and a cute Lego owl at Google. Symbols?

44. If you don’t know about the OWL CLUB, here’s a thread on it:


45. Schmidt is a member of all the globalist clubs: Bohemian Grove, The Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and of course the Bilderberg group

http: //trilateral.org/download/files/membership/NA_members_March_2017.pdf



83d4f2  No.193730

File: c75a9d971c298df⋯.png (758.63 KB, 960x685, 192:137, 46. Schmidt is def a globa….png)

File: b9289247ba33ae8⋯.jpg (38.81 KB, 563x312, 563:312, 47. Schmidt Clinton FOunda….jpg)

File: a1f6e2bb4bd2b68⋯.jpg (411.87 KB, 2048x1467, 2048:1467, 48 Whats the mural about.jpg)

File: 22947f06e078ebe⋯.png (666.9 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 52 Schmidt NK1.png)

46. Again, say what you will about the four secret elite GANGS, but you cannot deny that those who attend are the world’s most powerful elite, and we have no idea what they are doing…hence, GLOBALIST SECRET AGENDA. Not a theory.

47. Eric Schmidt is also in bed with Bill Clinton, John Podesta, and Hillary Clinton. I scrubbed @WikiLeaks dumps and found these (thank you Wikileaks). Also, note to WL haters; I get the NATSEC argument, but think of what we wouldn’t know w/out WL.

48. As early as 2008, Schmidt was meeting with John Podesta, Bill’s Chief of Staff, Hillary’s campaign manager.

Recall that Bill Clinton and Podesta visited NK in 2009…(composite photo to show full mural.)


49. In 2014, Eric Schmidt created his own Hillary campaign plans to be integrated with Hillary’s 2016 campaign:


50. in 2015 Schmidt “donated” the Google Airplane to John Podesta “AGAIN” for a trip to Africa (for what?).

Using his aircraft as leverage, Schmidt asks to meet with Bill Clinton, and had already spoken with Hillary. Bill and Eric met that Friday. What did they talk about?


51. 2015, Schmidt was added to Debbi Wasserman Schultz’s (DWS) donation “call list” to be MAXED out for donations, since he maxed out donations to the other DNC campaigns.


52. Most surprisingly, Schmidt visited North Korea in January 2013. MSM reported that he visited NK in hopes of breaking into its market. –But that’s not the real story.

http: //money.cnn.com/2013/01/07/news/schmidt-richardson-north-korea/index.html

83d4f2  No.193740

File: e31f204678374a8⋯.jpg (125.05 KB, 909x286, 909:286, 53. Schmidt Work with Bad ….jpg)

File: dee89133a823104⋯.jpg (119.78 KB, 838x248, 419:124, 59 DNC Crowdstrike FBI.jpg)

53. Another email shows that Schmidt’s NK market share is “NOT THE POINT OF THIS VISIT” but to “SUPPORT MY WORK WITH BAD GUYS” WTFudge does that mean?


54. Google is heavily integrated w/CIA via InQTel. Google it if interested (maybe DuckDuckGo instead?). Facebook & Amazon too. Arsenal Venture Partners is another CIA VC arm if you’re interested.

Why? What do SpaceX, Google, FB, Amazon provide the “intelligence” community?


55. Tangent: What if rogue factions of the CIA are actually part of the Globalist elite team? Like, their intel/force-arm?

Take a minute and think about what the CIA’s job is and what they have done that we know of.

56. Infiltrated companies/foreign countries using cover identities? Yes. Toppled foreign governments? Yes. Run drugs/weapons for income? Yes. Break most serious laws of foreign countries (espionage)? Yes. Murder? Who is to say this hasn’t happened/happening in the US?

http: //www.newsweek.com/cia-has-been-undermining-governments-years-531609

57. Easy to swallow or not, there is a connection between dark factions of the CIA, DoS, FBI (aka “deep state”) and the Globalist Agenda/Team. We’re seeing them unearthed now in DC. -End Tangent.

58. Add to all these formerly-unknown connections: Hillary Clinton’s email server, the one that the FBI found Special Access Program (SAP) data on? Thats Above Top Secret Information. She shouldn’t have access to SAP data. NASA data?

http: //www.businessinsider.com/hillary-clinton-email-server-top-secret-sap-2016-1

59. How about the DNC’s email server. The one the DNC kept the FBI away from and instead used in cybersec company CrowdStrike to handle?

http: //www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/01/06/dnc-russian-hacking-conclusion-comes-google-linked-firm/

60. Schmidt also has his greasy paws in Crowdstrike…to the tune of $100M


83d4f2  No.193744

File: bde51c946d4ee8b⋯.png (88.57 KB, 587x450, 587:450, 69 Timeline Recap.png)

61. Why was the FBI not allowed to look at the DNC server? What was on that server that they didn’t want the FBI to see? NASA data? SpaceX data?


62. The use of Crowdstrike, a known Clinton-gang firm, instead of the FBI, leaves many unanswered questions. Uranium One? NASA? SpaceX? What?

http: //www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-24/what-crowdstrike-firm-hired-dnc-has-ties-hillary-clinton-ukrainian-billionaire-and-g?page=1

63. None of this PROVES that Eric Schmidt, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Obama, and the Globalist Agenda gave North Korea nukes, uranium, and ICMB tech.

BUT, it does prove the RATLINES to North Korea exist.

64. The RAT LINES prove the ABILITY and circumstantial-evidence for capability to transfer tech, money, and uranium to North Korea. Motive? World War III?

65. Why WWIII? Who profits from war? Those in power do. War creates FOG and FRICTION. Ground forces are barely able to figure out what is going on, how the crap would the rest of the world know?

66. War fog opens up resources, influence, and war profits. Henry Ford, Prescott Bush, Rockefeller, etc. all profited from the US/Allies AND NAZI Germany (google it). No longer are borders openly re-drawn, only hidden influence and profits are.

67. Bush and his cronies all profited from Iraq and Afghanistan. And still are!

I could write a thread on war footing/profit by itself, but its Christmas and a body of work already exists on it.

68. Is this what Julian Assange was trying to tell us with his weird and scary video?


69. Recap

83d4f2  No.193750

70. Is this why there a record 4300 sealed US court indictments filed since Oct 17? Is the new EO a measure to paralyze foreign and domestic players involved?

I think we’re about to find out.

71. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! - END

Addendum: Adding an older thread germane to this one. 30 OCT 2017, Obama was present for NK nuke negotiations. Why?


83d4f2  No.193752

File: bbf052c3ff8ed5f⋯.jpg (47.84 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 71 A Child Is Born.jpg)

83d4f2  No.193823

Thanks to the Army of mildy-autistic anons who have lost many nights of sleep, family time, who's jobs have suffered, and who have dug & MEMEd all of this stuff…we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to restore the Republic, GEOTUS is literally, our last great hope to cut the rot from our Great Nation.

0a03d6  No.212344

Fantastic read Anon thank you for the timeline.

If I could add though in early 2002 Musk traveled with Mike Griffin to Russia to acquire 3 ICMBs. Later that Year SpaceX is founded and Mike Griffin becomes the president and Cheif Operating Officer of In-Q-Tel. In 2005 Griffin becomes the head of NASA and in 2006 NASA awards SpaceX the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services contract.

77424e  No.212854

Don't forget that Al Gore and the Clinton's handed China our nuclear technology secrets during Bill's term:


Back then, it's very likely China may have passed that on to NK.

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