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File: e56beeb078ccb79⋯.png (438.81 KB, 899x1188, 899:1188, payattention.png)

20dacc No.174

look at the hex codes in the images posted in the cbts threads

06065d No.219

hex to text is "ä碄Ɔ@n‰á?ó&ùˆ"

06065d No.231

decimal used as a sum is 70313046339495

the dashes make it confusing

15eb16 No.2857

What happens to an Ai put through Monarch.

What happens if it resists?

Where is this Ai based?

Why is this important?

35c322 No.2865

I really thought an image name pasted by Q was a possible code. I got no where with it.


35c322 No.2876

Also, I believe most of Q's cipher is original. Looks like bullshit for the most part. You can read some of it like plain text.

15eb16 No.2901

15eb16 No.2902

15eb16 No.2961

35c322 No.2984



d885cf No.5760

I know this is not hex decode, but the best place to pose this question. Tripcodes are a hash of a password. The password is run through an algorithm on the server and produces the trip. If I have a+b=c, it seems like the right code could crack that. Should happen pretty fast. I see how the ## would be astronomical. I would only do that to get a cool tripcode. I did an upgrade on 75 user network one weekend. Asked no one for their password. Had physical access to the SAM and had all user passwords in like 2 minutes. The software generated ones for services took most of the weekend, but I had it all.

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