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File: 0edd2913ba79d1b⋯.jpg (55.29 KB, 650x380, 65:38, 248730_7063283_updates.jpg)

c62123 No.1368

Just wanted to remind everyone that the news broke last night 11/25 around the same time as Q posts that all social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Daily Motion & Television stations were blocked in Pakistan.

Due to Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PERMA) effort at preventing any live coverage of the Islamabad protests.

Today 11/26, television has been allowed to broadcast but nothing else. There is still a country wide media blackout.



It's worth keeping an eye on. Seeing what news comes out right after bans are lifted.

356e8e No.1476

cd9fcd No.1559

Ten days of blackouts?

56e08b No.1632

Can someone confirm and repost the Q message about changes of leadership in US/SA/Pakistan - it's relevant to this thread.

6cd634 No.1861

File: 5b1cadb6859f9f9⋯.png (84.77 KB, 871x301, 871:301, leadership.png)

eb37c5 No.2162

File: 8ba4055b837000a⋯.jpg (65.01 KB, 650x400, 13:8, pakistan.jpg)

Pakistan's Law Minister 'To Resign' Amid Clashes Which Left Several Dead

The Pakistani government last month passed a religion-related bill and triggered strong opposition from religious community. The government later retracted the bill, but some religious groups demanded the resignation of the law minister and staged the sit-in protest for almost three weeks.


eb37c5 No.2165

066927 No.2402

Isn't it interesting that it was within DJT presidency that FB and Twitter contracted with Pakistan to improve surveillance on their internet in order to "catch" lawbreakers of the Sharia State variety. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/mar/17/pakistan-asks-facebook-twitter-help-identify-blasphemers

066927 No.2413

fffc07 No.2965



another military coup in the works.


066927 No.4632

c62123 No.4757


Interesting. Because the "official" reason can't be this ridiculous:

The protesters are demanding the resignation of Law Minister Zahid Hamid, after a phrase saying Muhammad is the last prophet in Islam was dropped from the text of a parliamentary bill.

76f2ad No.5200


This is what I also wondered about: Q mentioned Rizvi traverse Management twice: on 11/22 adding happy hunting and on 11/23 adding very important!

co-founder Suhail R. Rizvi has invested in Twitter and other social media, he is connected to Hugh Hefner see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suhail_Rizvi

Family connections would be of interest for the strings to Twitter from SA were cut in early Nov.

355233 No.5209

So what’s the end game here? Who’s behind this? Good or bad. Are (((they))) trying to get their hands on nukes to start WWIII, they desperately want it one way or another…

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