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Questionable Malcontent - Save The Hands Edition

We're doing hand injuries with power tools dremels now, so apparently art imitates life after all. Expect the "Lesbo and Menstro get sued by their doormat roommate's mother's faggot boyfriend" arc next. The thrilling conclusion: freeloader gets evicted and has to sell Menstro to /clang/. If only.

Whichever faggot made the header, thank you. Archives will be updated eventually.

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Twitter Bully:


>Ha Ha fuck Russia for censoring games from Steven universe!

>Sometimes censorship is a good thing

I’m surprised he didn’t downplay Matt and tray getting death threats by Islamic groups. Have to give him credit for that.

C. Martin Croker died alone and in debt

does anyone hold Adult Swim in high regards now?

DC Entertainment's upcoming streaming service now has a name: DC Universe

>name's the same as the current banner for mainline DC Comics titles

Landing page:

<supposedly US-only like Hulu

Titans (2018, live-action)

>was originally ordered as a pilot by TNT

>co-written and co-executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Akiva Goldsman, and Geoff Johns with Sarah Schechter

>featuring the Doom Patrol


· Brenton Thwaites as Robin

· Anna Diop as Starfire

· Teagan Croft as Raven

· Ryan Potter as Beast Boy

· Alan Ritchson as Hawk

· Minka Kelly as Dove

Young Justice: Outsiders (2018?, animated)

>executive produced by Sam Register

>co-produced by Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman

Harley Quinn (2019?, animated)

>co-written and co-executive produced by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey

Swamp Thing (2019, live-action)

>co-written and co-executive produced by Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman

>produced by James Wan's Atomic Monster in association with Warner Bros. Television

Metropolis (TBD, live-action)

>was originally pitched to Fox to act as a companion to Gotham

>co-produced by John Stephens and Danny Cannon (current status unknown)

Remember these shitty days of Nickelodeon?

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Thread

Last thread hit bump limit: >>1004335

Discuss Part 5, upcoming official blu-ray release of Diamond is Unbreakable movie, and why Araki hasn't ended Part 8 already.

/co/ playlist

I'm trying to make an album of songs to listen to while making comics, or general drawing and I could use more songs.

Anything that helps you, dump it here and I'll link the playlist itself for future use if you want.

NT: drawn guides

webm thread

Please post /co/ related webms.

/co/ approved Anime”s

Is it okay if I post aggretsuko and Pop Team Epic on /co/? Mods on /a/ claim Pop team epic and aggretsuko are not anime’s. They delete threads related to both shows on sights.

I gave the series a chance and loved it

Steven Universe is probably the best animated series to come out in atleast ten years. Not often can a politically slanted bunch of amateur writers captivate an audience. But Steven Universe is just the right amount of comedy, action, and social commentary. This isn't just my opinion but my partners. And if you disagree with both of us than that stops being a mere challenge to the statement and an attack on the lgbtq as we can't BOTH be wrong.

Perhaps it's only flaw is the lazy drawing depicting gems as feminine. LGBTQ rights go nowhere catering to the smelly freaky fish guy L element. TERFs don't even watch it. You know who figured that out? Jojo's bizzare adventure. Another excellent gbtqartoon.

Take the L out of lgbtq. It's Spanish for transphobia and zero talent




and you're welcome

You know the drill

Last Unicorn

Jetsons movie


Or pick whats in the box. What's in the box? Could be anything.

The Yaki box smells like possibly gay thugs and undelivered mail

The Ted box is seasonal in the wrong season

The choice is yours.

Link for stream is here

What are the Best European Comics

I know 2000AD has put out several comics like Judge Dredd and Metal Hurlant is famous, but what are some of the other good comics put out from across the ponds. Burger here with a real interest in reading some.

MCU General

James Gunn Fired From ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Franchise Over Offensive Tweets

Batista Says He Is ‘Not OK’ With Firing Of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Director James Gunn

Selma Blair Asks Disney to Rehire James Gunn

65,000 MCU Fans Sign Petition for Disney to Rehire James Gunn on Guardians 3

That's up to 111,000 last I checked.

>The Dragon Prince, created by Aaron Ehasz (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Justin Richmond, tells the story of "two human princes who forge an unlikely bond with the elfin assassin sent to kill them, embarking on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands," according to a press release from Netflix.

>Ehasz and Richmond, along with executive producer Giancarlo Volpe (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), will present a sneak peek and an inside look at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21.

Unpopular opinions thread? Unpopular opinions thread

Allright anons, get it off your chest.

I think Judge Dredd is not that good. Especially when it tries to be serious. 'Political' thiller story lines are one of the dumbest things I ever read and the police procedural part is just that better then your average low-budget clichéd TV series.

filename thread




The 8chan cup is back baby, and we secured a spot on the roster. Also they're using a new board.


I'll be reposting the material used in 2015's game, but generally the things we need are 20 players, a team emblem, and a team uniform.

List from the last icup

Full List:

CF:John Belushi(Flash)(GOLD)

CF:Jimmy Olsen(GOLD)


SS: Duckman(Silver)

AMF:Calamity Jane

DMF: Man of Murder

CB: Confederate Amethyst

CB: Bravestarr


RB: Amanda Waller

GK: Doom


GK: Mek-quake

GK: Stardust

CB: Hater

CB: Gaston

LB: Insano Donald

LB: The Redeemer

RB: Bloodpouch

RB: Power Girl's Costume

DMF: Snowflame

DMF: Wicked Wall

AMF: Negative Man

AMF: Popeye

/co/'s Theme Song: Super Rad

/co/'s Goal Horn: I Whipped Spiderman's Ass

John Belushi's Goal Horn: I Can't Turn You Loose

Beavis's Goal Horn: I Got You Babe

Duckman's Goal Horn: Alien Orifice

Confederate Amethyst's: I Wish I Was In Dixie

Amanda Waller's Goal Horn: Brick House

Insano Donald's Goal Horn: Spread Your Fire (Temple Of Shadows)

10 years ago today Avatar The Last Airbender aired its series finale. It was one of few cartoons in the west that actually did an overarching storyline throughout the series and did it well. Assuming everything related to the show that was made after the finale wasn't shit or didn't exist the movie and LoK and actually kept more staff members like Aaron Ehasz, would you have continued the series or just let it stay finished?

I personally would have liked a 4th season at least to find Zuko's mother. (or a short spin-off series) Instead we got a comic released sometime during Korra when interested in the franchise started to die off.

Xavier: Renegade Angel

Why does this trash keep getting shilled so much?

Its the same tired "DINOSAUR NINJA POOP CHEESE SPORK OF DOOM XD" shit that defines Rick and Morty and Eric Andre/Tim and Eric with some insipid attempt at philosophy thrown in here and there. What makes it any better than most other Adult Swim shows?

Matt Groening Netflix Series ‘Disenchantment’ Sets Premiere Date

Coming August 17th

Superhero Parodies and Comedy (Deadpool not allowed)

I would like to dedicate a thread to Superhero Parodies and Comedy, I consider the The Justice Friends to be the funniest and definitely comfiest superhero parody out there. Anyone got anymore examples?

Animate something

The last time we did this we got some clay-mation, interesting perspective work, and some neat little edits. I know what I did is crap but we have to start with something. Have fun and take a crack at it.

Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

Well, this just came out. It's interesting. Seems to be a direct-from-comic adaptation, including the art style. Now it would be strange for Jhonen's style to not have evolved in 16 years but this somehow looks both more colorful and cheaper. Less in-between frames and the shadows don't lend the same sense of depth as the old show. It's just lots of colors all layered on top of each other. Your thoughts?


Season 3 was shit and it's only going to get worse.

Ducktales is back to airing in the US again except is on Disney Channel now instead of Disney XD.

>"The Spear of Selene!"

>Nickelodeon had their own hotel at one point

>they had a Danny Phantom room

>tfw if it stayed open those people might still be alive.

Archie thread

Been some time since I saw one here so.

Are there any good horror themed comics?

Voltron Season 6

The new season will be dropping on this Friday. Expectations? Hopes? Fears? I'm just hoping for more Pidge screentime.


As Disney expands their empire to consume every aspect of our lives, they regain the movie rights to the franchise that made Marvel: THE FANTASTIC FOUR! Using the chips implanted in you at birth (as per Disney law) to monitor your postings on chinese slide-show forums, and running the data through the mad deadly gangster computer god on the dark side of the moon, they contact YOU to come up with the latest incarnation of Marvel's first family on the silver screen!

What will you do with it, /co/?

KND Thread - Operation: F.A.T.H.E.R.

Well /co/, you'd best start getting those Father's Day tributes ready for the best and most evil Fatherly supervillain to ever plot the destruction of all childkind before he gets impatient. Remember to eat your fucking broccoli.


The Aquabats have launched a kickstarter to make new episodes of THE AQUABATS! SUPER SHOW!

>You might know us as the world's greatest rock band of super heroes, or… maybe you don't! Nice to meet you!

>We had a television show about our adventures to help the kids, and the world, and stuff… but our network shut down, leaving us without a home, and it's been years since our last real adventure.

>Since then, we've been doing all kinds of other things, like working odd jobs, going out and playing the occasional rock show, and obviously, um… working out!

>But everywhere we go, we meet good people of all ages who have never stopped believing in us, or asking us to come back and make new music, new TV episodes, or to come play in their towns. And now, we believe the world needs The Aquabats more than ever.

>But we can't do it alone: we need your awesomeness too! That's why we're gathering a Legion of Righteous Comrades from around the world.

>Together, we can BRING BACK The Aquabats! Super Show! AND record AWESOME NEW MUSIC for the next generation.

Woke Cartoon reboots

>Rainbow Brite getting a politically driven reboot

I hate to think what a current street shark or mighty max reboot would look like….

Mega Man

Haven't heard any news since last year. Is this dead in the water?

Actually cautiously optimistic about this despite everything. The news drought is killing me!

So, /co/, what's the importance of good page layout and good paneling? What are some good examples of how to panel comic? How can good paneling lead to a better reading experience? Does it help with flow? To guide your eyes? Is pick related a good example template?

Die Schule der kleinen Vampire

What's the deal with this show? I mean, I've seen a couple of episodes and it's fun! It's actually pretty cool! Could it be that I watched the two good episodes by chance? Maybe, but I don't think so.

How come they never released it in English? Or Spanish, for that matter. As subs go, I'd be OK with either, but when I look at it I see a perfect show for broad distribution in America and other English-speaking countries.

What's the deal with the lack of distribution?

I wanna watch the whole thing. Are illegal methods the only methods? I'd buy a DVD set. heck, I'd even buy it in the original German. Are there DVDs in German, at least?

There are torrents, but all I can find are TV rips.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Intro Revealed

The animation actually looks nice but it most likely won't be that way for the rest of the show. That color palette is still awful.


So I was looking for a new comic to read and I literally just stepped over this.

So, anon, do you remember issue #1? Me neither because it came 7 months ago, there was something, something… Drumpf, something, something Steve Jobs.

Our two main characters were an insufferable bitch that puts everyone at risk for a shitty movement and a morally gray character that could be well written but isn't.

If I need to remind you, this cover was part of the preview art shown nearly a year ago, hasn't even been colored.

And the map is really confusing also, in the previous issue it stated that Calexit already happened and the American gov. recognized their independence if it wasn't okay about it… it makes as much sense as you think.

What killed the flash animation age? Was it simply a change of medium? Was it simply inherently part of the old internet culture, fated to fade away in the vein of lolcats, youtube fads and ytmnd?

Disney Channel Launching two new cartoons Amphibia and The Owl House.


>Created and executive produced by Matt Braly (Gravity Falls), Amphibia chronicles the adventures of Anne Boonchuy, a self-centered 13-year-old who is magically transported to the fictitious world of Amphibia, a rural marshland full of frog-people. With the help of an excitable young frog named Sprig, Anne will transform into a hero and discover the first true friendship of her life.

The Owl House

>The Owl House, created and exec produced by Dana Terrace (DuckTales) is a horror-comedy series that follows Luz, a self-assured teenage human girl who accidentally stumbles upon a portal to the Demon Realm. There she befriends a rebellious witch, Eda, and an adorably tiny warrior, King. Despite not having magical abilities, Luz pursues her dream of becoming a witch by serving as Eda’s apprentice at the Owl House and ultimately finds a new family in an unlikely setting.

Also mentions that Star VS the forces of evil has been renewed for 4th season. I guess Disney is trying to become the magical girl network now.

Large Marge

Can you help me find the Fox promotionals for Large Marge?

>Marge uses pans to cover up her breasts when Bart comes into the kitchen.

>Marge tries to cover her breasts with tennis rackets.

>Bart and Lisa run into Homer's and Marge's bedroom at night. Marge is in her robe and Bart stares at her cleavage. Marge frantically points to her face and tells Bart to "Just focus on Mommy's face", to which Bart replies, "I'm trying, Mom."