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2021-10-24 13:34:54

This is where the scroll of Benjamin begins. He was there. He carried the faith on his shoulders and delivered it safely to the Valley of the Blue Moon. He loved our family and we loved him.
2021-10-25 01:06:15

Annie is family.
2021-10-25 03:30:11
The Church is in each of you and Mary is the foundation of that Church. God listens because he wants no one between you and him. He never has. You love BB by loving yourself and those around you and making yourself the best person you can. God places little value in the pomp and wealth of the Church and always said that the wealth of the Church should be given away to the poor and needy. He once remarked that he travels the cities of the world to be with his children and help where he can and the pompous asses that sit at the head of Faith's will have little chance in the journey to perfection. This movie is a favorite of BB because it shows what a church should be.
2021-10-26 00:35:12
I tried to prepare you for what is coming from the sky. The time is near. BB is now driving the weather, Yellowstone, and the volcano off the coast of Africa. The signs, watch for them.
2021-10-27 00:53:30
As BD Anon said this war will happen before Christmas. Everyone is on go. Next I will be posting information on the founding of the Valley of Blue Moon by survivors of the destruction of Atlantis. BB destroyed Atlantis and was responsible for letting 340 refugees relocate there to begin again. One of their major reasons for secrecy is they have endured the destruction of their civilization once and they know what it means.
2021-10-27 16:53:51
Hello, I am still traveling and trying to make a few posts here when I can. I will try to respond to your comments when I get a few moments. Thanks. Seems BB is also intent on the taking down of the U.S. and China economy. It appears politicians in both countries are doing the best they can to crash them anyway. CIA Anon is with me and giving me a lot of help.
2021-10-27 23:56:01
2021-10-28 04:40:47
2021-10-29 02:33:16
Hello, my adventure gets more exciting by the day. I will be able to share soon. I have not been able to respond but should shortly. Had dinner with BB, and lunch with the dark side. They never learn. These entities escaped from BB one time they will not escape again.
2021-10-29 15:33:15
Just to give you an insight in the goings on in Washington. There are elements in the Administration that are actively trying to destroy Biden and have Harris installed. This is behind some of the insanity going on now. Could not believe the evil one is so low she would sleep with Biden. She just laughed and said a girl has to do what a girl has to do. CIA Anon has been a great help in lining up discussions with folks. Met with two individuals who were on the Doomsday Plane that landed in Goldfield. We are now in the stage of trying to find enough decent people to avoid BB`s wrath. Found out that the business in Virginia with the School Board was directly triggered by the dark side.
2021-10-30 02:56:18
Some of you maybe wondering why it is that I am traveling at this moment in time. Before BD Anon left he appealed to BB to give mankind one last chance to see if the effects of what is to come could be lessened. Much the way BB allowed for survivors of Atlantis to survive in the Valley of the Blue Moon. I have to find enough good people left to avoid BB`s harshest actions. Hopefully I can do enough and convince enough people that we are on the verge of the Apocalypse and ways must be changed and changed now. This is not a time for cowardice. It just will not fly.
2021-10-31 12:19:57
2021-10-31 19:02:37
Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. They don`t see what is coming, just like the citizens of Atlantis laughed at the Angels God sent, and like the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah who continued their debauchery till the very end.
2021-11-01 03:52:06
The picture I posted it seems was not from the Titanic. Thanks to those who caught it. Just tired and was trying to convey the magnitude of what is in the works. Did not catch there being a problem. Appreciate the help. Just as an aside I am in Moscow now with CIA Anon and a meeting was just concluded with senior leadership. I will just leave it at that. The Russians recognize the magnitude of the problems the world faces and are begging just to be let out of what is going to happen. They do not believe there is much they can do but survive themselves.
2021-11-01 03:53:44
I need to say this again. Remember, remember the 5th of November.
2021-11-01 13:44:33
My mission has failed. I have been given 48 hours to return to the Valley of the Blue Moon. What has happened before will happen again. The road to perfection is never easy.
2021-11-02 03:22:42
2021-11-02 13:38:38
This is a bit more accurate.
2021-11-02 16:47:59
We will be waiting. Nothing can be done to prevent what is coming. Stay safe and love each other.