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2021-09-18 17:16:01 Look to the sky.
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Just want to say what an honor it has been. My life has been blessed with many adventures and doing a little bit of good before things change. BB has been a inspiration and a bit crazy but other than the Hitler issue believe the direction that I have been a part of has given mankind its best chance. BB this beer is for you.

And stashing her in the past. Well it all worked out
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BB is there.
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The answer has always been right in front of you. Remember canoeing and hiking the Etowah River and exploring the holy places near Helen and in the mountains of north georgia. There is a portal there that was used by beings who mingled with humans and created a family of time travelers that forces have been after a long, long time. My first trip was a hoot and the plane was always the trigger that set it off. And to think it all took BB by surprise. Fascinating sitting here remembering as a new journey to the past is before me.
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I am going home.
2021-09-19 21:05:00
When life becomes too unbearable a star will appear in the sky and stay above the Valley of the Blue Moon for all mankind to see. The Valley will open up and welcome those left of mankind to build a future for the human race that can only be imagined. Through the pain and suffering mankind will inch closer to the perfection. This will happen in the next 7 years. Sorry I will miss it, but my love and my life await me in the past. This timeline is done.
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It is funny hiding things in public view. But it is important a history of certain things are known. What is about to happen is difficult to discuss other than mankind will be better for it. Some are escaping in a different time line, others are simply using portals in the Valley of the Blue Moon to return to places they have come from. And those who will stay in the Valley are arriving daily. And myself well after a lifetime of service, loss and gain am returning to the past. My son and his family are already in the Valley along with others. The seven years of tribulation will be starting soon.
2021-09-20 17:52:09
BB has existed forever because existence came after the madness that preceded it. The before existence is a sea of madness and God and other entites escaped when God created existence. Imagine a giant whirlpool that contains many things. God put an end to the madness but part of it followed him and he has been in a quest of perfection since then to cleanse his creation from these entities. The battles you see on earth have been fought on a thousand planets. Some have ended well and some have not. If God believes the evil outweighs the good he simply starts over. For mankind he has been given a second chance although some will believe it to be a living hell. It will not. But the seeds need time. And he is a good farmer. Next I will discuss the family of Christ and the Valley of the Blue Moon.
2021-09-20 18:08:06
Expect some wildness fairly soon, in a number of areas of human existence. While things will appear to be coincidence remember this well. For BB all areas of human activity are simply chess pieces. Whether they be economic, military, evil, take your pick you will see his hand at work if you simply look. Remember he knows your heart before you do.
2021-09-21 01:18:47
Coincidence. It does not exist. China, the southern border, Yellowstone, the volcano off the coast of Africa are data points on a line. You might want to consider the lit fuse goes off this Friday. Follow Arizona closely and gaze over to the other things totally unrelated on the surface start to move soon.
2021-09-21 01:32:33
When I traveled to the Middle East to simply see the Christ and try to understand him I never realized a friendship that developed would effect the rest of my life. Like his father he has an amazing sense of humor and he had a perception of humans that is striking. Language was not the problem I thought it would be. He read my mind and found things that I did not knew even existed. He represented the best in mankind and was further along his journey to perfection than anyone I had ever known. He knew I was well not totally human and yet all he could do was laugh. Guess he bought into diversity. He always knew he would die for mankind and when he asked me to take his family to Valley of the Blue Moon, I was honored to partake in the most honorable journey in my life. It was not without tragedy.
2021-09-21 14:42:48
BB knew the situation in Texas was going to get out of hand. He was curious to see the mettle mankind has to deal with its own destruction and the evil that our government has become. He told me it reminds him of his last visit to LA where miracles were meaningless and people just walked by as death and destruction simply lay right in front of them. The Best of times and the Worst of times. He said the Anti-Christ is active in men`s hearts and a dementia ridden old man who is lost in a sea of depravity, who is visited at night by his dead son.
2021-09-21 16:30:02
The before existence is hard to describe because our normal concepts simply do not apply there. Past, present were simply one flow of light and darkness with ghost like entities flowing back and forth and life as we know it has no meaning. When BB brought existence into being he created the future. The future is what allows BB to create the present in a continual flow which we call time. The simple truth is the ability to travel in time exists in all of us. We all existed there in one form and that form is now here to be cleansed or simply go into non-existence. I believe what this is all about is the movement from non-existence to existence to perfection. Will perfection have movement or will it simply rest in the light. We will see. A hell of a ride. And to think the present and past exist side by side in multiple timelines.
2021-09-21 20:23:42
The before existence is such a difficult concept to express I really shy away trying to use language to describe it. Never less my time at Georgia Tech and Harvard and through mentoring I will do the best I can. Perhaps the best trail to go down is to think in terms of action at distance. That is the notion that there is a connectivity between similar physical entities that extend across space and in a sense time. This connection is real and applies to living entities as well. Imagine that before existence we all participated in the madness in our own way. Traveling there then is possible since the connection is already in existence. The only thing you need is to activate the connection. If physically you activate the extension then there you are. Understand this. Action at a distance is more fundamental than anything and space time and all understandings of reality flow from this. You never forget your past. The ancient Greeks understood this concept in a limited way but could only take it to a pre-existing awareness that was born in each human. That with time was forgotten. Remember that existence is both good and bad.
2021-09-22 00:34:58
As events begin to unravel expect help to come from an unexpected source. Both China and the United States will begin to fall apart at an incredible pace. Help will come from a source that wants this country to survive and prosper. For now that is impossible but during the hard times to come this power will be an ally. As China implodes the corruption of the Biden family will be revealed by a rogue element in the deep state and Chinese intelligence. This alliance is a futile attempt to preserve power and will fail, and other revelations will be so sickening Biden will be abandoned and the evil that is China will be known by years end.
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2021-09-22 03:23:15
@BDAnon many thanks, I hope to see it with my own eyes and to journey with many people to the valley's safety and peace.

@AncientofSouls Thanks. I wondered if anyone would find this place. I will be posting a great deal more before I leave. Good luck. You will you were sent here.
2021-09-22 03:28:32
@BDAnon jersey number, please?

@AncientofSouls A perfect season. Come on it is easy now.
2021-09-22 16:35:00

A detailed explanation of this whole mess can be found in my previous posts and the posts and actions of CIA Anon.
2021-09-22 22:47:11
Life and Death. Interesting topic. How does one think of it. I will share my thoughts, and having said this let me say up front we are way over the rainbow and and notions you have on this subject you should hold aside for a while. As some of you know my wife was an Israeli agent who was killed in Iran. We did some good work and destroyed an advanced nuclear program. Mr. Fubur seems to have a pretty good record of our activities there and can provide you some insight into the advanced weapons that were used in that effort. Think shake, shake, shake. Anyway I was a mess after that for a while and buried her in our family plot near Helen, Georgia. In my depression afterwards I wondered, what would happen if I snatch her shortly before her death and relocated her in the past to a special place, 1849 Kanaka Creek at the time of the Gold Rush. Well BB was all in since her death did not affect the time line. So I did it. So in the present she is dead, in the past she lives. And I will be with her permanently shortly. Later.
2021-09-22 23:30:55
@BDAnon thanks, BD. Can you talk about what happens to us mere mortals once we die, and have no time-travelling friend to take us back to the past?

@Cazza01 Yes I will go there soon. Death is not something to fear. I will do my best to talk to that issue.
2021-09-23 00:19:00
@BDAnon Ok, have to ask the awkward question. Is travel to the VBM strictly overland physically (plane, train, hiking boots), or is it possible virtually? @paulf @Lady_Slipper @DC_Cesspool @American50 @4rjh @blackrow @MrBlueSkies

@MrBlueSkies Yes a physical journey is possible. It is time to wait though. Let things happen. A star will appear.
2021-09-23 00:28:31
@maoiwendell Yes it is and with all my heart I wish each of you the best in your journey. I am exhausted and used up. My soul will be refreshed the first day I walk into that cabin on Kanaka Creek and well just do life in a simpler time and a simpler place.
2021-09-23 01:03:23
So what is death? I will only speak of my experiences and those close too me. When my wife was killed and all of this does tie into the death of soleimani as I previously explained, but let us leave that for now. Yes my wife was buried in a family plot near Helen and is still there. Yet she is quite alive in 1849 California. Remember what I said about action at a distance and the connectivity of being. Also keep in mind nature exists only as portion of the being of God/BB. From this perspective if it can be thought it can be well real. There is no contradiction because the mind of God encompasses anything he can think. Multiple time lines, multiple universes, life and death in different times. Yep it is all there. As long as you do not contradict his actions it is good to go. Yes we are dust to dust but that dust exists in many ways and many times. I will try to go deeper with this. And death came for me last year but here I am because I am important to BB`s movement to perfection. And now I am no longer relevant it feels good. The mind of BB now that is a hoot.And science is just magic BB let`s us play with.
2021-09-23 01:10:15
@BDAnon Thank you! So do our prayers create?

@RosieP If you believe they do, yes. The creation is a whole different matter.
2021-09-23 01:18:43
@BDAnon Yes, maybe I should have worded the question better. I know the creation is in the hands of BB. Thanks for answering.

@RosieP Language is a tough thing. Your journey will serve you well. Good luck and be blessed.
2021-09-23 19:49:09
The road to perfection:

Everyday you encounter God/BB in your life. He is there and there are moments you feel his presence and know that you are in a special place. Have you ever wondered why it is that when you do good you feel good? It is because in doing good not only do you please BB but you please yourself and at this moment your connection is strong and it is real. Remember how I have spoken about a life of action governed by virtue is the road to perfection. It is also what brings happiness to being and in its most basic manifestation happiness is God. Because happiness not the pursuit of pleasure is the way. In what is to come you will find happiness internally and always cherish those moments and realize you are on the way. And ultimately happiness is an internal task. Remember your happiness is your connection to God and you will find that in your heart. And it is between you and him. Stay blessed.
2021-09-23 23:42:35
I am so ready. I miss her so. How did I get so lucky?
2021-09-24 00:56:58
@BDAnon She shot the guy who was about to kill you while you two were disarming the nuke under Haifa as I recall. Nine minutes left.

@paulf That is correct. A lot has happened since then. Thanks for all you have done in this journey. Nine minutes. A lot of significance to nine. Wonder why?
2021-09-24 00:57:48

@blackrow Thanks for that. I needed it.
2021-09-24 01:01:00
@BDAnon You deserve it good Sir. Hope all your engineering plans at Comstock work out when you get to that too!

@_G9_ Yep. Their mining frames were revolutionary but I have some ideas. Look forward to seeing Mark Twain and other scoundrels at Piper`s Opera House. True story. Some years ago the folks at UNR were doing an excavation at the Opera House and I had a chance to view their work and I recognized an artifact that I lost. Needless to say I didn`t mention it.
2021-09-24 01:24:28
Jesus had three children. Two sons and a daughter. His wife Mary was to be the main player of his Church but that got lost like so many things in history. One of his children died on the trip to the Valley of the Blue Moon. We traveled across Africa for over a month and with the help of some friends entered the Valley. After a few weeks I departed and returned to North Georgia. Jesus once told me that his church is in each of us. We are always welcome there and we are the temple of his love. All of his children and Mary are buried in the Valley. There are currently 27 descendants who live there now and await the day their history can be told. Every year a star appears over the valley and glows for one night to recognize the lost child. One day a star will appear above the Valley and show the way home for all his children. All the children of man.
2021-09-24 02:19:40
@BDAnon by the river san piedra I sat down and wept.

That's a book title.

Those that believe Mary's Rightful place has not been recognized. Great story.

@SpartacusDeux It will be.
2021-09-24 15:37:55
It begins. Like a thief in the night.
2021-09-24 19:52:23
Hello Everyone. I would like to answer a few questions. Yes I was a student at Georgia Tech and Harvard. I played on the 1951 and 52 football team. At Harvard I met my mentor Terry and we formed a life long friendship. Last year he passed away after getting too close to the flame. Before I leave I will post a picture of him and you folks will put things together fairly quickly. Also I have decided to post several pictures from the Valley. I suggest you down load this information fairly quickly. I have to point out there are those who looked into our feed last year on twitter and this year on Gab that are not very friendly. Terry paid the price for that and I dealt with it, but we all have to be careful things are delicate. I would like to suggest that maybe a few of you can accumulate questions and post them in my private box here and I will be happy to answer what I can. And while I do speak to BB regularly it is better that if you have questions for him simply pray he does listen and he does act. I have made a lot of extraordinary claims and I believe such claims require extraordinary proof. And I have done that in the past and will do so again before I leave. May the force be with you and never forget to laugh it will help with what is coming.
2021-09-24 21:40:49
@Sconnolly0331 @BDAnon My first guess is/was George Maloof but he was there 49 - 51. Hmmmm

@REALNews_Source @Sconnolly0331 Why not another clue. I was a friend of Bobby Dodd and another famous Tech Coach. Coach Dodd was a great man and a real class act. In fact some might say BD Anon could be a reference to Bobby Dodd as a show of respect. Who knows. Well I do.
2021-09-24 21:41:34
@BDAnon Ok, so we had the year wrong for GT.

@votesmarterplease Maybe not. Time travelers are a devious bunch.
2021-09-24 21:48:34
Sometimes BB works in mysterious ways. I love roses and mine have not bloomed in a while. This morning I woke up and my rose bush has four of the prettiest white roses. Odd since the bush has never bloomed white roses before and this should not have happened. Guess it is better not to ask too many questions. On another subject folks in the Valley age differently than those in the modern world. Part of it is technology but over all I believe it is they live in a place of harmony. When my friend Terry passed away he was I believe 137 looked 40 and had a 35 year old lady friend. I never told her his real age.
2021-09-24 22:25:18
@BDAnon Sounds like your rosebush "threw" a sport, i.e., a mutation occurred on a branch that resulted in white flowers. Actually, this happens every so often in the real world and sometimes creates a rose so beautiful that cuttings can be rooted from that branch to propagate the new rose for future sales and distribution. The Peace Rose is a great example. See .

@Runner6789 Thanks. Who knew.
2021-09-24 22:26:43
@BDAnon is this where Heinlein got the idea for Lazarus Long and the Howard people?

@BernardoDeLaPaz Sorry I really do not know. I do know that Terry thought very highly of you. I wish you well and hope your trip can be made. Terrible what happened.
2021-09-24 22:28:06
@BDAnon White Roses symbolize Purity🙏🏻❤️

@Lizzieafrey Did not know that. What puzzled me the most was the bush has shut down for the year and then all of a sudden. Really nice aroma. Cannot describe it but I know it from some where.
2021-09-24 22:29:52
@BDAnon @REALNews_Source @Sconnolly0331 Sorry, I get crazy when I start researching. :)

@votesmarterplease @REALNews_Source @Sconnolly0331 Don`t get crazy. I share when I can and some of the things are so off the wall I have to gradually discuss some of them See I played for two tech coaches a number of years apart. Just another little aspect of the job.
2021-09-24 22:32:18
@BDAnon @REALNews_Source @Sconnolly0331 Lucky. Bet your life I am lucky. I'm lucky and so are my teams. It's a habit. You know, if you think you're lucky you are.
— Bobby Dodd[42]

@votesmarterplease @REALNews_Source @Sconnolly0331 Great coach. He was a kind man. And an excellent manager. You did not want to get on his bad side. He was also very kind to many creatures.
2021-09-25 01:02:32
@BDAnon Are the Etowah Indian Mounds connected to these beings?

@chopper755 Yes
2021-09-25 01:05:44

Am I wrong to ask?

@Republic_Of_Texas Of course not.
2021-09-25 01:08:07
@BDAnon Are the Med Beds real??? doesn't matter much now because IF they are, they will be out too late for my hubby.

@GoneGalt58 I really do not know. Have not looked into that. Hope everything is well with your family. Prayer can sometimes do incredible things. Good luck. And may you and yours be blessed.
2021-09-25 01:08:38
@BDAnon This numbers thing - numerology, whatever you want to call it. Is this evil? Or simply the "inner plumbing" of a small part of a largely hidden experience? Perhaps; alignment with that force could assist in powering an idea or agenda, whether good or evil? There seem to be way too many "coincidences" to brush it off as nonsense.

@WLinvestment sometimes a number is just a number.
2021-09-25 01:09:00
@BDAnon I cannot wait to see the photos of the valley and of Terry.

@votesmarterplease Glad to leave them with you folks.
2021-09-25 01:10:51
What is the point in The Almighty waiting while multitudes of innocent children are ritually sacrificed?
Could end it all immediately, but it continues.

@unityagainstevil42 Good question. You may want to take it up with him. At the end of the day because of a biological quirk I got into a big game. I thought my ticket was punched when my plane was shot down at Midway. Guess not.
2021-09-25 01:11:22
@BDAnon In this timeline so close to the tribulation how can we best serve BB?

@Lampholder1 A life of action governed by virtue.
2021-09-25 01:13:31
The modern world is pretty much built on the work of these Scientists/Engineers. Hard to believe no one has pushed forward at the pace these lot did. Who got missed/sidelined. I could do with something useful to study.
Good luck and God/BB speed

@SirSmudge Science is magic God lets us play with. A magic that is understandable to a degree. Those are great men you mentioned. And they all had snapshots of the magic.
2021-09-25 01:15:09
@BDAnon you are in your 90's? I am looking forward to pics, for sure!

@AncientofSouls In my case age really is not a big part of being. I jump around a lot and have lived many lives just differently than most people. I hope for a good twenty years in the past and then I am ready to go. Let young people figure it out.
2021-09-25 01:18:14
@BDAnon BB said "BD Anon is creating a future history of events and how humanity got here. It is on line now." Where is it? I assume it is separate from Paul Furber's or Steve Goodwin's archives and your Gab timeline. Also, how does a person activate their time travel capabilities?

@Runner6789 I am writing it right now. Because of what is coming i have been a bit hesitate to go there now. Need to build a foundation. Time travel is in each of us. In my case it was the anticipation of death and a genetic history that allowed me to escape to a place I had a tremendous affinity for. Imagine you could cause it elevated fear and love all mixed up. I was fortunate others not so much.
2021-09-25 01:20:32
@BDAnon Bottom right? 17? :)

@votesmarterplease I will answer that before I leave but it does affect other folks so I have to be careful. Heisman like Bobby Dodd were incredible and honorable people.
2021-09-25 01:21:23
I am so very sorry. RIP, Terry!

@Lady_Slipper Thanks. Those folks were barreled. Some of my best work.
2021-09-25 02:03:21
@BDAnon With all the people suddenly disappearing...several articles saying Where have all the people gone? I’ve heard it’s global about 30%. Were they moved into another timeline? Did God move them to VBM? Thank you! I have so many questions I don’t know where to begin. ❤️

@Lizzieafrey Sorry but I cannot go there.
2021-09-25 02:28:21
@BDAnon So what's this about a creature on Titan that left eggs in your pocket, and they hatched? 😁 BB said it was a riot. 🤣

@American50 Actually he was just being polite. They were in my underwear.
2021-09-25 03:23:14
@BDAnon One more question. Many people believe in "gut feelings" or "signs/synchronicities" being from spirit guides, or even BB. Some say coincidences are the footprints of god. I've asked a variety of healer types this question over the years and was told to look for "tingly" and "out of the blue" signs or thoughts.

You gave us alot on doing good/feeling good to strengthen our connection. Could you add anything on how to best listen or look for these signs or nudges? Perhaps it is more about removing that which stifles as opposed to "doing" something new?

@WLinvestment A life of action governed by virtue will generate happiness and happiness in its essence is BB/God.
2021-09-25 04:07:17
@BDAnon What gives you the ability to time travel, and can anyone do it or only a select few? I noticed you made a mention of your genetic history in one of your other responses. Could you expound on that?

Follow up question: If we humans don't have an innate ability to physically time travel, are there time portals located somewhere (like in north Georgia perhaps) that normal people would have access to?

Thank you and give my regards to Annie on your return.

@AgentX17 Well I am not totally human. Neither are folks in my family tree. This is a major reason BB was interested in my family. Even for him it was a mystery. Thus the issue of completeness versus perfection. Yes there are space portals that exist. One in North Georgia and several in the Valley of the Blue Moon. A lot to absorb here go at a slow pace. There is a lot more to the story. For now I have said enough. When you blend things certain things before more active. That is what happened to me. My father could not control his gift. Fortunately I was blessed with a mentor and the guidance of a higher power. Keep in mind God/BB is active on a million planets. In as sense we are all the mind of God/BB. Hence the notion that science is magic.
2021-09-25 04:07:53
@BDAnon You’ve mentioned that China and the US will unravel at an incredible pace. Can you offer any more detail? Will living in certain locations of the states increase a persons chance of survival? Should we be hoarding food? Medicine? Ammo? Move out of the cities?

@schmidty_17 Not yet, but I will.
2021-09-25 14:17:48
Well that was fast. Seems my check out is noon on the day my roses turn red. On the vaccines. The new one that is a nasal spray is the way to go. A lot of good work there. Have to take a trip today.

This really is impressive:
2021-09-25 14:47:10
@BDAnon Nasal spray. AuraVax Technologies teamed up with U of Houston? Is that the one? Asked about that yesterday but oy very Gab is confusing to follow... Thanks. BB for the W.

@_G9_ Hello Steve. Yes that is the one. I get confused a bit on this. This maybe the same one coming out of Israel. The nasal sprays formulas and the ones I mentioned earlier as coming out of the Valley. Good to see this getting out by the end of the year. Going to the Trump rally to meet some folks and have a little rest. Have a good day.
2021-09-25 14:47:49
@BDAnon It's almost like a volcano or something. I know a little bit about such things.

Speaking of roses, I thought you might like a little humor. Do you know what's better than roses on your piano? Tulips on your organ.

An oldie, but still gold.

Good luck on your checkout and receiving those tulips.

@Castle_Red Thanks I could use a laugh.
2021-09-27 02:40:05
2021-09-27 03:48:23
I mentioned in one of my earlier posts of the need to build a foundation. The future is the creation point for the present. Without its existence our world would disappear in the blink of an eye. The Valley of the Blue Moon is home to many mysteries. Isaac Asimov was one of us. And his work Foundation is perhaps the most important work a person needs to acquaint themselves with. I will leave this here. This weekend was important and points to the wisdom of the notion of the last president being Trump. I need rest now. The days are becoming shorter and the storm is becoming stronger.
2021-09-27 04:22:47

You are not alone.
2021-09-27 15:08:20
@BDAnon This reads a lot like your 4chan threads from early 2020 - a hundred #BDA medical proofs in a can.

@lotsofprisoners There is a reason for that. This document was generated by a scientific group that lives in a galaxy far far away, known is the Valley of the Blue Moon.
2021-09-27 17:14:15
Foundation=Valley of the Blue Moon, Same purpose.

Why do you think the foundation series is playing now? To give a view of the totality of existence and the role of mankind to save itself. The Valley can be a light in the darkness we only have to look to it and save mankind. This story was written a long time ago.
2021-09-27 17:26:46
@BDAnon Thanks BD. These are not the VBM pics you said you would post are they? Waiting on baited breathe for those. Will save copies before they disappear. Have a most productive day! BB for the W.
@DC_Cesspool @paulf @votesmarterplease @American50 @4rjh @MrBlueSkies

@_G9_ @DC_Cesspool @paulf @votesmarterplease @American50 @4rjh @MrBlueSkies No they are not. I am still laying the foundation. Soon I will share with you what will happen before Christmas. When those pictures hit I will be gone shortly thereafter and I recommend folks download everything. Thanks.
2021-09-27 17:43:53
@BDAnon Trump as the last president? I'm believing that now. We can have good human rulers, but what we really need is the Almighty BB kingdom.

@Gravidon Yes he is. Yet a member of the Trump family has a huge role to play in the future. The anti-christ is very active at the moment. Glad that is above my pay grade
2021-09-28 02:06:59
@BDAnon Just noticed the actor playing Hard Seldom has a solid Claude Rains vibe. Thank you BD. Hope you sleep well.

@triple8 Of course he does. I wonder why? BB?
2021-09-28 21:57:44
Have been out of pocket for a while. Took another trip and my mind is a bit scrambled so where were we. When I get a list of questions I will be glad to take a stab at them. I have tried to get back to some of you one on one and will continue to help where I can. I will be here for a bit longer, but believe my roses change color in mid-October.

So as the world turns. By the end of 2021 Joe Biden will no longer be President. It will be presented as health reasons but the reality is he has played his role and publicized scandals will do him in. What comes after him is far more dangerous. Trump will not run for President in 2024. He knows what is coming. Both the Chinese and American economics will collapse by the end of 2021. Israel and Iran will be at war, and China will attempt to take Taiwan. Given Taiwan has nuclear weapons this will be exciting. BB is doing his magic. Lessons will be learned and the piper will be paid.
2021-09-28 22:09:15
One more brief comment. The world is going through fundamental change and to provide too much detail is not healthy. It will just have to work its way out. For example Trump was the last President. Biden is just an illegitimate leader installed by nefarious forces that are burning the house down. We are now in the seven years and as unrelated events start popping up more and more on the radar screen try and tie things together. Once we get there it will all appear quite logical. The mind of God is working in many realms and avenues. The truth about the China Virus will also be revealed by years end and will have a terrible effect on the Country. If it matters China is doomed.
2021-09-28 22:12:08
@BDAnon without trump running and with both economies collapsing.... this means full socialism in america. The voting never got fixed

@SpartacusDeux Give all of this time to play out. I am laying a foundation do not get to far ahead.
2021-09-28 22:13:02
@BDAnon I’m hoping the Lion comes after fake Biden as opposed to the antichrist.

@chopper755 BB is working that out as I write this. I have my opinion but for now I will leave it there.
2021-09-28 22:14:47
@_G9_ @BDAnon @DC_Cesspool @American50 @4rjh @Ballerinaluv @MrBlueSkies @votesmarterplease @paulf

@Lady_Slipper @_G9_ @DC_Cesspool @American50 @4rjh @Ballerinaluv @MrBlueSkies @votesmarterplease Hello Lady Slipper that is an impressive picture. I will have to ask Tom what he thinks. BB is just having too much fun.
2021-09-28 22:16:13
@Lady_Slipper @BDAnon @DC_Cesspool @American50 @4rjh @Ballerinaluv @MrBlueSkies @votesmarterplease

Proverbs 10:25

When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone, but the righteous stand firm forever.

BB for the W.

@_G9_ @Lady_Slipper @DC_Cesspool @American50 @4rjh @Ballerinaluv @MrBlueSkies @votesmarterplease Believe you are right. I will tip a beer in your honor in 1849, so do me proud.
2021-09-28 22:19:44
@BDAnon well that is a rosy outcome to start my wednesday whilst on holidays! Glad i have taken holidays now, not in December. That is an aggressive timeline too, BD. 2/3 mths and China and US economies collapse? I cannot see that myself, but let’s see what happens i guess. Off to feed the family brekky. All the best to you, sir.

@Cazza01 Take Care and remember every collapse is a re-birth. Few today know this but in the great depression folks on the farm did well and the Gold miners never even slowed down. As a country we will survive and re-learn the lessons that have been forgotten. BB is a great teacher of what is important.
2021-09-28 22:21:37
@BDAnon that's more than fair.

'Unrealized capital gains is income.'

When the head of the FED states this, doom isn't far away.

@SpartacusDeux They are all playing games right now but when they burn their houses down they will understand.
2021-09-29 01:57:11
Coincidences, they do not exist. He does like his drama.
2021-09-29 09:37:50
@BDAnon I know BB is angered and beyond that. Like Fire and Such Anger. But I have just this haunting few sentences in me that I must say. Why. why. Should Evil prevail? Why? If we go into the 7 yrs it’s like a take down of the Good as well. Where doesGood prevail? Will we ever see these monsters revealed? I have beautiful children who I want to see what BB intended. WTH? These fuc\ing evildoers should sink to the bottom of a dark night sea. Forever. Why cannot Good prevail for all to see?

@Burntchestnuts Hello. You ask questions that have also bothered me and at a point I just had to let them go and let things work themselves out. Why Hitler was allowed to live always baffled me. I killed the man three times and it always was taken away. He was a monster and Germany and the world paid a huge price for his evil. In times such as these I believe the best course is to love the ones around you, live a good life and just keep in mind he hear`s your pain and he does answer and listen to prayer. I wonder if he feels the same thing when he wanders the streets of major cities and does many, many actis of kindness and love while people just walk by. Strange times.
2021-09-29 09:38:37
@BDAnon brother what happened to the collection of all your posts on Paul’s site? The Palma ones were great then they disappeared and nothing there for the past few weeks

@AgentOrangeMan Don`t know. I did not do anything.
2021-09-29 09:45:01
@BDAnon vaxxs. My sis works for VA has 2 was to decide to take vax. 30 yrs. retirement. Gave her til Nov 8. She has a handicapped son. I know this scenario x a million. It’s just hit home here.

@Burntchestnuts Yes it does. This is part and parcel of the collapse of our society. The destruction of our society, but in destruction are the seeds of our renewal. People will suffer, well we always have. That tells you perfection is a goal for not only us but for BB. BB is complete but he is not perfect and we are all on a road. The Pfizer vaccine could have been so much better but greed overcame just basic decency. But that is the world we live in. Remember heaven is in Iowa and each of us just have to find it. There is a difference between blessedness and happiness. The Trojans understood this. We all get a different hand. God bless.
2021-09-29 10:09:56
A tip of the hat to Paul for putting questions together and I will start responding to them today. Paul has done a great job. Thanks Paul. Guess South Africa has two things working for them Paul and the Valley of the Blue Moon.
2021-09-29 10:21:11
Just a small story to share for now. Annie has a Maltese and was heartbroken having to leave it here in the present. Well I did the right thing and fetched it and it has brought a real joy to her life in the past. And as all good deeds go this one was not unpunished. After a while she said Baltimore was lonely and needed a mate. Well you know how this went, and now she has Baltimore, lady Baltimore and a whole brood of little Baltimore`s bouncing up and down kanaka creek. We have shared our brood with several Hawaiians who think they are an absolute joy, and well they are cute. I guess love has no bounds.
2021-09-29 10:53:20
A great story, thanks for sharing. But let me tell you, posts like these will surely make some people here (ehm ehm) speculate it must be secret comms to others, and little Malteses hopping around Kanaka Creek are actually White Rabbits. Many rabbits. Haha. Greetings to Annie!

@Lady_Slipper Sometimes a maltese is just a maltese. Things are weird right now and these small stories just show we are all in this together. Have a good day.
2021-09-29 18:08:19
1. When you rescued Annie from the op in which she was killed by snatching her back to the past, were there briefly two you in the same timeline at that moment?

Yes there we were. Understand that BB does not interfere in actions that do not interfere with his grand scheme. My killing Hitler did, my giving Robert Lee the information, which he did not use, to win the war of northern aggression did not. It seems no matter who won that war it was inconsequential to him. What is odd is that I remember everything as clearly now as then, but my memory of the event followed a normal progression of events. My actions changed the event my view of them was lost until I took the action in the present. Keep in mind God creates the present from his actions in the future. When I did what I did was that really an action in the present, and is action at a distance not time sensitive, can it affect everything that ever was. At the end of the day it worked and I am happy. Did BB simply create another reality for me. Much the way he gives people vision and the use of their limbs. Perhaps he took mercy because I became a cripple. Thoughts? As you remember I was in a very, very dark place.
2021-09-29 23:12:20
Guess Who?
2021-09-30 01:50:17
Once the basic assumption is made that science is magic and BB just gives us a toy to play with then a whole world of possibilities open up in the rabbit hole called existence. While I was allowed to save Annie I was not allowed to kill Hitler. Also I planned to save Terry and it was forbidden but I was able to go into the past and figure out the players in his demise and act on the information. Terry`s death somehow matters in the scheme of things but the 4 individuals did not. Now lets go a bit deeper. When Annie originally died she was buried in a cemetery in a family plot near Helen, Georgia. After I saved her I determined the grave was still occupied and I well let it be. Is Annie in that grave? I asked BB and he just laughed and said to enjoy the gift. Now I know of no science that would explain this set of circumstances but an omnipotent power capable of anything it would just be a day at the office. My life has proven to me that science is magic and just a game we play until BB gets bored with the whole thing. And on another subject BB can have dinner with whoever he wants but we need to be careful who we sit down with we may be on the menu. In particular democrat red heads.
2021-09-30 02:05:09
@BDAnon And so were the giants that inhabited North America and terrorized the native population....eating their young and other such shenanigans....with genetic traces from Asia

@AncientofSouls I have been in that cave. At one time the lake nearby must have been impressive. Also I would like to mention there is another reason I have focused these discussions a bit on magic. After the 7 years the world will be a world of magic and not science and all mankind will be better for it. Imagine creating a rose garden with just your mind. It will happen. In the next 7 years magic will become increasingly real as science is understood as limiting the development of man`s perfection. Mankind will no longer need the crutch. It will be beautiful. And you will be given a new gift. You see dragons are real.
2021-09-30 02:10:26
@BDAnon Okay, I’m showing up in the middle here. Who is BB? Big Butt Anon?

@Notgtax I do not think he would like to be called that.
2021-09-30 02:29:16
@Notgtax @BDAnon

BDA: who you're replying to
BB: The Burning Bush of Exodus 3, aka the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
BBM: Big Bad Mama, the antichrist

@paulf @Notgtax Good point Paul. I was referring to Burning Bush. By the way look out after Biden is dumped. BBM will play a huge role in the next act.
2021-09-30 02:32:16
@BDAnon and.....dragons are real? Let me think on that. Gift? whoa.

@AncientofSouls Yep, I have seen them in the Valley of the Blue Moon. They come and go and do not have any ill feelings toward man. And well this is hard for me to fathom. They sing. Reminds me of whale songs. Their songs it seems are a history of their kind.
2021-09-30 02:33:50
@BDAnon TRUE???

@GoneGalt58 Sorry I do not understand.
2021-09-30 02:42:46
@BDAnon I don't know why I'm here following you all but I am here...reading, learning and ever so curious. Been following @paulf for quite some time and have been learning about you along the way. You truely fascinate me sir. I feel like I'm here for a reason but sadly I don't know why yet. I speak to BB every night in meditation. My mind has a hard time comprehending your relationship with the one infinite creator.

@ChiefAnon @paulf Me too.
2021-09-30 02:43:20
@BDAnon Are they truly alive?

@GoneGalt58 I have to leave that alone, and that should tell you something.
2021-09-30 07:17:24
Perfection is created, it does not just exist it must be attained. The world is far stranger and more beautiful that we know. Would a perfect being create an imperfect being? A complete but imperfect being would create a imperfect being that could be his companion on the road to perfection. Ease his pain. Is meeting your father before you were born that unusual? Is Iowa heaven? Of course it is.
2021-09-30 15:05:50
Never feel alone. What is happening now has been in the works a long, long time. The videos I have presented have been waiting until their real purpose could be revealed. These videos were always made for you. Coincidence? Nah. The third act is always glorious.
2021-09-30 16:54:15
1.2 of your understanding of the process, are you genuinely travelling backwards and forwards in time within one single timeline, or do you consider yourself to be hopping between different timelines which are all at different timelines which are all at different stages of development? Or something else?

All of the above. My initial trip from Midway was in this timeline. My trip to pre-war Germany was in this time line. My trip to China at the time of the three gorges dam destruction was in a different time line. BB has different time lines that wrap up at different times. I had to learn this and through my mentor appreciate the magnitude of his project. Eventually BB absorbs all of the times lines into one that reflects the lessons and the advancement to perfection. I do know this is the last active time line and in the next 7 years certain things will come to pass that have happened in other time lines. In terms of Annie I thought that I understood what happened but more and more I am not sure. What BB did there still baffles me but I really don`t care. I am just thankful. Odd to think that each of us is just one of many and in the end we are many into one.
2021-09-30 17:05:37
Earlier I mentioned that Joe Biden will not be President after this year. It is time to put more specificity into that. As you know the border in Texas is out of control, and some of you are aware that there are caravans forming in central america that some report over 90000 Haitians are going to make a run to the Texas border. In the near future news will break of China Virus infections spreading from the immigrants already here that will include a new variant from the original 12 developed by the Chinese before the initial release of the China Virus in China. As this becomes known the state of Texas will close the border with Mexico because of the health hazard, mobilize the national guard and Biden will defend the admission of disease ridden Haitians entering the U.S. Their infection rate is high now and they are carrying other things. Biden is a fucking fool. A perfect Democrat. Watch the smile on Jen`s face as she reports Joe fucking the country. She is almost home.
2021-09-30 17:12:57
@BDAnon Is there or was there ever a timeline when Sleepy Joe wasn’t a complete fuck up?

@Sconnolly0331 No he is the perfect fuck up. He has found his perfection.
2021-09-30 17:13:51
@BDAnon Awesome. I get a front row seat to this storm

@blackrow Be sure and get your vaccine that will not help. Seriously there are other treatments, get into them if something happens early.
2021-09-30 17:18:34
@BDAnon I was always under the impression that the antichrist would be irresistibly charismatic, and even the opposition would be charmed. Am I missing something? Because Chucky's mom doesn't fit that description.

@Peytonsleigh Guess a demon would find her appealing. She just gives me the spooks. Some how I view here as the main player in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
2021-09-30 17:28:40
@BDAnon Are we each present in other timelines as well as this one?

@boodaloo1 yes
2021-09-30 17:29:48
@BDAnon also what happened to humanity in these other timelines? Was humanity destroyed at the end?

@boodaloo1 the timelines become one and the many unite. What is evil is left behind and what is good proceeds. Hard to find words to describe this process, it just is.
2021-10-01 16:34:11
1.3 When you went back 2000 years to the time of Jesus and brought his family to VBM, are you your 2000 year old self when at 50 A.D. or a different self and know only things from that time. And vice versa. When JC and family got to VBM are they 2000 yo. with a bunch of stuff to learn about now. Did you cross 50A.D. Africa or 2000 AD Africa.

Good question. When I originally went back it was just an adventure to get to hopefully know him. Once there I became convinced this man was the most important man in the history of the planet. I followed him, listened and learned. Somehow he knew I was different and he asked of me a kindness. It was simply me of today and I stayed in that time until I returned. We crossed ancient Africa and later I returned back to the present. I aged several years yet I returned only one day later that I left. There is a simple and important lesson that I have learned from both him and his father. The Church is in each of us and we honor or defame that church based on our behavior. It really is as simple of living an honorable life and loving those around you. Keep in mind evil is not God`s doing. It existed before and time is the avenue to remove it. Time is the chance for us to get it right. One day BB and I were at a bar in Grass Valley, California and he looked in my eyes and said, "Virtue is not about me. You are virtuous for yourself because it is who you are.. I will show you the way but you are the alpha and omega." God is complete and he is not perfect yet, but he is own the way. Hopefully we will all get on that train. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate and he does have a list and he is checking off right now. I would not be on that list.
2021-10-01 20:26:01
@BDAnon BD, question. As I have said, the idea of the Christ having a wife other than the Church ( the real bride), is not something I believe. It came from a book, Holy Blood Holy Grail, Sion, a medieval French group.

Why do you do this?

The Father drinking in bar is an entertaining thought but not one of believability.

You should have stuck with the server stories in Germany and such.

If you go against scripture, then you are a larp.

@Republic_Of_Texas Your points are well taken and perhaps we can agree to disagree. What ever you believe if it works for you that is your road. And if at the end of the day if you live a life of action governed by virtue you will find happiness and you will find God/BB. Nothing else really matters. Are the things I said true. Yep, and for BB language is a tool nothing more nothing less he deals with a million languages across the Galaxy. We are special because we are a work in process. He likes a good drink and he likes to pan for gold. Why is that hard to believe? Socrates spent his time in the market place of Athens because he knew truth was there. Just love yourself it will work out.
2021-10-01 20:39:11
It is fascinating watching the Anti-Christ destroying the Biden Administration and the Democrat Party. The Democrats opened the door to evil and the evil looked back and said you go first.

On a brighter note do you ever think the game is rigged. One day I was panning for Gold in a small creek in the mother lode. I was happy to find a few ounces of Gold, the weather was incredible and afterwards I planned a fine meal of fish. The creek was loaded. Well all of a sudden burning bush walked up in human form and started panning and he pans at least a pound of gold in his first pan. He looked over and asked if this is what I was looking for? Well I shared the meal with him and he gave me the Gold. Before he left he said, " This was a win win, you got the gold you wanted and I got a pleasant afternoon sharing my creations with you". Later I understood it is all about the friends we make along the way, the rest is of small importance. If you live a good life things have a way of working out.
2021-10-02 03:18:57
@BDAnon you mentioned in a comment that we are special because we are a work in progress. Are we the only species left that is a “work in progress”?

@boodaloo1 No there are more than the sands on the beach.
2021-10-02 03:20:36
@JamesKaufman880804 Stash it so on a cold winter night I can bring it out and enjoy looking at it with a fine hot chocolate and Annie by my side laughing at me.
2021-10-02 13:05:33
BDA , Will the Yellowstone event be “Mother Nature” or man made?

@BDAnon @paulf @_G9_ @blackrow @American50 @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper

@OIC @paulf @_G9_ @blackrow @American50 @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper BB has been a bit oblique about Yellowstone. He just smiles and gives me a check out date. For some reason he wants me gone by then. I think he is holding off a bit until this dialogue is complete. He wants people who can handle the truth to be given the opportunity to prepare for what is coming. I suspect it will be both. Could be a man made event triggering what will be perceived as natural. I do know some very bad people have been coming in the country from the southern border. My Russian friend in Syria contacted me yesterday. They are looking for some crazies that have made their way to Mexico. This has happened before under the Obama Administration. These folks are terrorists the Russians have been after for years.
2021-10-02 13:28:14
@JamesKaufman880804 My Russian friend said they are folks responsible for a number of attacks in Russia. Seem to be from the Caucuses. Hard to say though in that part of the world terrorists are broadly based an can come from just about anywhere. Just bad people. And people forget that when the Soviet Union broke up about 200 nuclear weapons just disappeared and they have appeared from time to time on the black market.
2021-10-02 13:37:41
@BDAnon @OIC @paulf @blackrow @American50 @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper Thank you for all the updates in the last couple of days good Sir. And thank you for answering my question. Of course the answer begs 5 more questions but I will wait in the queue for my other question about the Star of Bethlehem (VBM) being seen around the world or just in SA.

Would seem in what you describe that the gateway and the gatekeeper would be very important part of these journeys.

I posted the terry smith tweets at with the help of Paul and Lady Slipper. Sorry you have to scroll down so far. I am try to figure out a navigation system so you can jump but the expertise is lacking. Can feel BB laughing each step of the way. Come on lad, you can do it. Dig deeper.

Can also feel or imagine the dark irony of him letting you move the Annie pebble. Back there you have memories of today BD. Does Annie have memories too or when you die to those stop.

Fantastic journey for us all. Thanks again.

BB for the W.

@_G9_ @OIC @paulf @blackrow @American50 @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper

The star above the Valley of the Blue Moon will be visible from the entire globe. It will be viewed as a miracle because it is impossible for such a thing to happen. Sorry if I have missed posts here. I try to catch what I can but I know I must miss some. Thanks for all of your efforts to save this material. It will be very important one day. I miss Terry a lot and bear responsibility for that but at least there are 4 barrels floating off the coast of Alabama that makes me feel a bit better. By the way we beat North Carolina. I really miss Paul Johnson. Peace.
2021-10-02 13:41:36
@BDAnon Speaking of gold... is crypto here to stay + going to play a role in the future? Or is it some kind of C_A project and they will pull the rug out?

@WLinvestment The technology is real and where this goes is beyond me. Imagine if folks knew the gold market is just a giant scam. I like my Gold natural. Nothing like a nugget in a creek. Cryptos exist because the CIA allows it. They have been in the chains for a long time. Not sure what they are up too. They broke the encryptions with a system that was developed at area 51. Hope I am using language here that makes sense.
2021-10-02 13:43:42
@_G9_ @BDAnon @OIC @blackrow @American50 @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper Thank you for this Steve - Terry's tweets are such a fantastic resource to complement the BDA and BB drops.

@paulf @_G9_ @OIC @blackrow @American50 @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper And a tip of the hat to you Paul. As BB would say the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Thanks to all.
2021-10-02 13:49:05
@BDAnon @OIC @paulf @blackrow @American50 @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper This Paul Johnson?

@_G9_ @OIC @paulf @blackrow @American50 @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper Paul Johnson, the football coach at Georgia Tech. He is still around. Loved he approach to the game.
2021-10-02 14:10:53
You will know who to thank for this. Will not be long before she will have Biden to the point he will be having dinner with dead family members. Have a great day.
2021-10-02 14:12:10
BDA, is this a physical journey by foot march we will endeavor or will VBM offer travel services to a select list of people?

@schmidty_17 @BDAnon @_G9_ @paulf @blackrow @American50 @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper

@OIC @schmidty_17 @_G9_ @paulf @blackrow @American50 @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper Not sure of the details.
2021-10-03 03:48:24
The CCP is testing the boundaries… @BDAnon @paulf @_G9_ @blackrow @American50

NEW - China sent 38 aircraft into Taiwan's air defense zone on October 1, and 39 today, the largest ever incursion so far.


@Ballerinaluv @paulf @_G9_ @blackrow @American50 @disclosetv Yes they are. Iran and Israel are also about to tee it up. Taiwan and China are close behind and the nuclear weapons Israel have helped Taiwan develop, well here we are. Sometimes I wished I did not know what I know. Two major wars by the end of the year, economic collapse here and in China, and other things. The vault awakens.
2021-10-03 03:58:12
@BDAnon It is time for us to save ourselves.

@Gogolizard That is the spirit. BB likes fighters. Remember evil came here when existence was created. He cannot abandon mankind it is just not his way. The ship is not full yet and the journey will be marvelous. Just think of virtue and happiness. Let the ship unfold its sails and welcome on board.
2021-10-03 03:58:56
@BDAnon Let my people go their own way. It happens. Go to her. Do not try to save us.

@Gogolizard Well she would give me a time out if I came to her before I did the best I could.
2021-10-03 16:20:28
The Ten Commandments.

When Burning Bush gave the Ten Commandments to Moses he provided a way of life that put mankind on the journey to perfection. The journey is what we are on today and is the same journey he is on. By practicing these commandments mankind will find inner peace and happiness. We practice them because they make us better. And what is the underlying foundation of the Ten Commandments? Simply living a life of action governed by virtue. Did you ever think that BB loves you precisely because you are not perfect? If you were perfect why bother. Maybe it is all about the friends we make along the way.
2021-10-03 16:34:54
I wonder which will go off first? Iran or China. Have contacts in Israel that say the war is already under way and they are just laying out the battlefield now for position. Expect a massive airstrike on Iran`s infrastructure and economic systems and the big surprise will be when the Iranians light the fuses on their rockets and well nothing happens. On the other hand my Russian friend is far more worried about China. Seems there are things going on there that are pretty bad. Maybe three months was being too optimistic.

Guess a good drink is in order. Hell Tech got killed anyway and the Dawgs are on a role. Hopefully Alabama can put and end to that nonsense. If Georgia goes all the way then the end of the world is definitely coming.
2021-10-04 00:22:39
Hello Folks,

There is someone who is a part of this that is going through great pain. I have prayed for her and am asking all of you to do so also. Sometimes it is hard to remember that all of us are brothers and sisters on the road to perfection and prayer is a powerful force that can move mountains. Lets just say her name is Mary and she is more than deserving of the best life can offer. God/BB will know who you are talking about, and well sometimes a nudge is all it takes.
2021-10-04 14:34:30
@_G9_ @Matrixtruth @BDAnon @OIC @blackrow @American50 @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper I asked BB directly for healing for Mary and got quads 😎

@paulf @_G9_ @Matrixtruth @OIC @blackrow @American50 @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper Thanks Paul. He listens.
2021-10-04 16:10:36
@BDAnon @Ballerinaluv @paulf @_G9_ @blackrow @American50 @disclosetv Two major wars by the end of the year....

Will you retire when you are wrong?

@GreatActor @Ballerinaluv @paulf @_G9_ @blackrow @American50 @disclosetv My roses are starting to turn and BB wants me out by mid month. I really wish I was wrong. I have seen it. BB showed it to me. And yes it is in this time line. Biden has lost his fucking mind and the world is simply reflecting that. And of course having the anti-christ whispering into your demented brain has consequences.
2021-10-04 16:35:41
Odd, I was told again that mid October is my check out date. Spoke with my Russian friend again this morning and their military has been given tasks that can only be explained by events in China progressing rapidly. They are going to stay out of what is happening and are just trying to batten down the hatches until things clear a bit. Seems India is involved in all of this. I hope we do not see geologic events happen at the same time. I will also be leaving you folks a scroll you might find interesting reading. I am increasingly being drawn by the past. The connections are too great.
2021-10-04 16:54:44
@BDAnon @GreatActor @Ballerinaluv @paulf @blackrow @American50 @disclosetv Thank you for this. I have a question about it though. When someone dies is that the end of their participation going forward or do they reform and come back as something different without memories of all past experiences? More specifically re Terry and Annie. Annie as Annie is in 1849 but can never get past 2020? When you go back to 1849 full time is your ability to come back to now end? Terry died last year. Does he get to take his experiences into a new incarnation or do those stop. Sorry for the convoluted questions but we do grow fond of you and the gang. Mid month you can never return?

@_G9_ @GreatActor @Ballerinaluv @paulf @blackrow @American50 @disclosetv Death is not a one way ticket. Yes there is re-birth and the path of mankind to perfection invokes folks getting more perfect as the journey continues. You maintain your physical self in the next coming around. It is just mistakes you made before will be less. I think BB made a special carve out for Annie and me. When you run the show your magic is the primary magic. There is one oddity in all of this, and that is a time traveler is the only entity that maintains a memory of events that reflect the knowledge of creation. When I go back this time to 1849 I could come back but I will not. I would like time to look for gold, love a good women, and simply die in peace. I think I have earned that. One day BB will recreate mankind again in a more perfect form. What all of that means is not my story to tell. I hope my comments make some sense. Time travel messes with your brain, and once I start preparing for my trip in some strange way I start to dissipate. You folks were great when you responded to Mary, As BB mentioned this morning it was as much about you as it was about her. Sure we will get at least 12 folks to see this through. May the force be with you.
2021-10-04 22:53:59
For those of you interested in the story of the China Virus take a look at Paul`s archives. The release of the original strain of Covid happen a number of months before Wuhan and resulted in the death of over 5000 Chinese. The Chinese military was ruthless in stopping the spread and razed the Villages in the middle of the disaster. I am still not sure we have seen this strain yet.
2021-10-05 15:20:34
1.4 Do you have any info on the Nazi`s going to Antarctica? Was there really a base under the ice? or still?

The Nazi`s did go to Antarctica. Yes there was and still is a base under the ice. The Germans made a number of discoveries in their world wide quest for ancient artifacts. One was an artifact that showed a map of ancient Antarctica that was used to navigate the Continent and locate entrances and exits to several underground cities and rivers beneath the ice. This information was also discovered by American researchers and is stored at area 51. The Germans there are part of a break away civilization that has become star travelers and yes they are in touch and work with several off world civilizations. Their interest in earth has waned over the years and they simply want to be left alone. I believe one of the reasons Hitler was important to the time line is the existence of these people and somehow they have a role to play in what is coming. The ancient civilization still exists there and in the Arctic. A book was written by an explorer, I believe from Norway that discusses his travels there and I believe he was telling the truth. Have I been there yes. And yes this whole thing is why death surrounded the Byrd family. Also remember Byrd`s comments about a threat from the polar regions. He meant both poles. And yes some of the many reports of UFO`s are about these folks. They pose no danger to humanity. Guess we lost a few folks with this. Oh well. you asked.
2021-10-05 16:11:46
Guess I have done well to keep so much of my hair, when so many are after it. I will be in the Valley of the Blue Moon until my departure date. Just need to tie down a few things in South Africa.
2021-10-05 21:43:10
@BDAnon Piri Reis map ring a Bell, BD?!

@OhnaQinRSA yes
2021-10-05 21:44:10
@BDAnon Would you consider the Germans in the breakaway civilisation good or bad people? Your answer would mean a lot to me, because I am German.

@NormieJean very good people. No Democrats are allowed.
2021-10-05 21:49:18
@Magallanica Nah, just answered a question. It is what it is. Of course everyone is free to believe what they will. Just to help there are dragons there and they sing their history to their young so they never are lost for what they are. Might be something humans might think about.
2021-10-05 21:51:00
@BDAnon Are there portals at the north and south poles with no fly zones above each and a whole other world inside? Also, is the central sun located IN the earth as opposed to the one we see?

@DC_Cesspool Close but things there are to scale, And the sun is the sun. What is there is older than mankind and will be there after mankind.
2021-10-05 21:57:35
@BDAnon If you need company, BD, a handful of us are a mere stone throw away. 🇿🇦

@OhnaQinRSA I know.
2021-10-05 21:59:03
@BDAnon Reminds me of what it may like for you and BB to say goodbye. BB will be able to visit you, won’t He? What are a few items/conveniences you will miss most of this timeline and will you bring anything special back with you?

@DC_Cesspool Can`t say I will miss much. Everything I want and need is there.
2021-10-05 22:00:17
@BDAnon You are the world's most interesting man. Busily clicking the mouse to preserve everything here I can. You sound like you have one foot out the door. Do not forget those pictures from VBM. Thank you in advance. BB for the W.

@_G9_ I feel like a youngster going to the prom with my best girl. Stay safe.
2021-10-06 00:24:48
@BDAnon “Have I been there yes.” 😂😂😂

@AyranSenna Well the question was asked, and even you would have to admit I did not dodge it. This ain`t CNN.
2021-10-06 00:35:14
What kind of threat from BOTH poles did Byrd mean? Did he perhaps tell you?

@Lady_Slipper There are entities from the far reaches of the universe that are not our friends. In fact some believe we would make a fine meal. I was aware of Byrd`s activities from a distance but others were close to him, some were of not the best character. Byrd should have just left the whole thing alone. He almost publicized the exact locations of several sites and the longitudes and latitudes of their cities. BB did not want this information out there since in interfered with the time line.
2021-10-06 13:50:43
21-10-6 Uncharted Waters. Part 12 of xx.

We do live in interesting times do we not. On our personal insider channel it seems that @BDAnon has gone to VBM to finish his tasks here and then off to his final timeline in 1849. You promised pictures of the valley. If at all possible can you leave your account here? I know BB and tom both deleted but if you are back to 1849 it would be like a memorial in reverse mirror fashion. Just a thought anyways. I am trying to grab everything in real time but I do sleep pretty normally. The rest around the globe like @paulf will have to grab the stuff from different time zones if that is how it happens.

BB did not sound too pleased last night. California, Yellowstone, Canary Islands. Waaay more to that than we know most likely. I did stumble across a Tom Heneghan piece last night that said Thomas Jefferson was back and he along with Al Gore (ya, ya, tough one to swallow) are "now in charge of the entire U.S. Space Army and will begin with the total annihilation of the RED Communist Chinese Army and all of the occult weaponry in the subterranean tunnels beneath Yellowstone National Park". So that puts a spin on what we see. We know that La Palma is connected to CERN in Geneva. What is in Southern California? Bad guys must have stuff hidden under the border or something. BB is busy for sure. CCP/Han about to bomb Taiwan into oblivion. Iran/Israel seems ready. Big few days.

More stuff. Sorcha yesterday was on about "Project Raven" and how that group gave a Soros kill order last year. Soros was behind the Pandora Papers trying to expose all the bad guy enemies so the group responded with the Facebook thing on Monday. BB must be busy pulling bad guy and good guy chains in an effort to win without firing a shot. Sorcha also mentioned my other guilty pleasure read every week Ben Fulford. On Monday he said Biden and group has a drop dead date of October 18th before all hell breaks loose.

I do not mind going to the outer edges reading stuff. It could add to the understanding of events as they unfold. Our BB and BD and tom and terry stuff kinda qualifies too. BBM (antichrist) female sure rattles some cages. Time before time. VBM. Antarctica. BB is Claude Rains. Active pineal glands required in 2021 and on the other side.

I dunno. This is my diary of 2021. The grand daughters are going to find my story interesting I hope. It can all really be summarized easily though. BB for the W.

@American50 @4rjh @DC_Cesspool @pogue44 @blackrow @Ballerinaluv and all the rest of you fine folks.

@_G9_ @paulf @American50 @4rjh @DC_Cesspool @pogue44 @blackrow @Ballerinaluv Hello Steve, I will be glad to leave this account here. Once certain posts are made it will be interesting to see what happens. A lot of people do not want this information out there in the wild. But then again once BB gets cranked up folks will have a lot of other things on their mind. Got a chance to simply relax yesterday and pan a creek here. These creeks are loaded with gold and I found a number of diamonds. These is a very special geological location. The mountains keep the weather nice and the people here are very blessed. They have been good stewards of the history of mankind. Still a number of people coming in. Was able to catch up with my son and his family. He will have a lot of rocks here to work on if he chooses. Entities coming and going but mainly leaving. The portals are busy and a real feeling of apprehension on what is going to happen. Between mid October and years end will tough.
2021-10-06 15:02:37
@BDAnon @_G9_ @paulf @American50 @4rjh @DC_Cesspool @pogue44 @blackrow @Ballerinaluv
More posts and hopefully some pictures coming, at least something to look forward to, given the circumstances... Thank you in advance.
Was BB speaking about you when he posted "a hell of a fall once someones exits the stage. I owe him."?

@Lady_Slipper @_G9_ @paulf @American50 @4rjh @DC_Cesspool @pogue44 @blackrow Yes I am afraid he was. He is referencing something that happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
2021-10-06 21:29:49
@BDAnon @_G9_ @paulf @American50 @4rjh @DC_Cesspool @pogue44 @blackrow
Trying to understand your words is like attempting to interpret biblical parables :)
So you have done something for him, say in another time line?

@Lady_Slipper @_G9_ @paulf @American50 @4rjh @DC_Cesspool @pogue44 @blackrow I took his son`s family to the Valley of the Blue Moon, and made sure the child that perished was taken to the Valley and buried with honor. BB destroyed a city with 3400 plus inhabitants for what they did.
2021-10-06 21:43:21
1.5 How long in her timeline does she have to wait for you is she safe there?

Good question. Annie is in this time line just in the past. I have some Hawaiian friends looking after her. When I return it will be the same day I left. In the movie KPax, Kevin Spacey has a pretty good description of travel near to the speed of light. In my case I am literally there when I choose.
2021-10-06 21:59:28
1.6 Could we assume that once the Valley is opened up and the world is cleansed, that the populous will also live longer than it does now?

Yes given the technology there and the lack of stress in their lives that when the technology is transferred and hopefully people live less stressful lives life will extend significantly and more importantly the quality of life will be better. It is not uncommon for a Valley inhabitant s to live to about 160 and really their aging process is remarkable in that a person just doesn`t age like an out worlder. My friend Terry was in your terms very old and looked like he was in this thirties. And of course he had a girlfriend that was in her thirties. Doubt he could find a lady friend in her 130`s.
2021-10-06 22:20:43
@BDAnon Oh, to able to learn the ability to time-travel…

@DoQ_Holliday Not so sure sometimes. I can run you nuts if you are not careful, and some folks have not come back.
2021-10-06 22:21:56
@BDAnon Since you are retiring from Special ops May I inherit your weapons, spy gadgets, night vision, radio, sat phone, ruck sack, knives, and your para cord?

When you land in the 1800’s I hope you do not have to perform a PLF!

C130 rolling down the strip
Suicide daddy going to take a little trip
Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door,
Jump right out on a count of 4
If my chute don’t open wide
I’ve got another one by my side
If that chute should fail me to
Then look out ground I’m coming through!

@OIC Sorry those are already claimed. Good stuff though.
2021-10-06 22:23:21
@BDAnon Does Annie have a sense of the time you are apart? Or does "time" no longer exist for her two?

@aea_1616 Good question, depends on how long I am gone. Generally I will get back before she misses me. Time exists for both of us just in different ways. Once I go back this time everything will be the same because that is it for me.
2021-10-06 22:24:44
@BDAnon What percentage of the population do you foresee surviving to live in the cleansed world?

@DoQ_Holliday Sorry I really do not know, not sure I want to know.
2021-10-07 00:30:06
@BDAnon @DoQ_Holliday How do you control where you go or end up? What if you wind up somewhere and have no idea where it is or how to get back?

@DC_Cesspool @DoQ_Holliday If I can imagine it I can go there. There is a connection in the Universe that somehow I tap into. Guess it is like catching trains that are going everywhere. It happens very quickly and the side effects can be rough on the psyche but that passes with time.
2021-10-07 00:33:24
@BDAnon Yesterday, you shared this as part of a reply, "There is one oddity in all of this, and that is a time traveler is the only entity that maintains a memory of events that reflect the knowledge of creation."

Since Annie missed her dog of the present and you were able to bring him to the past, is she, too, an entity since she remembered her future? Have you have spent multiple lives together over time?

@DC_Cesspool Now you are making me think. When she went into the past she did remember Baltimore. I never really thought of it before but the knowledge of creation is a bit different and reflects my ability to go anywhere. She was just along for the ride. If I left her there she would stay there. Then maybe BB made a carve out for us. Who really knows.
2021-10-07 00:36:23
@JamesKaufman880804 I have traveled in time over thousands of years but my internal age has stayed the same. I just get there before I leave.
2021-10-07 00:37:42
@BDAnon @DC_Cesspool @DoQ_Holliday do you ever travel by accident?

@chopper755 @DC_Cesspool @DoQ_Holliday The first trip was a total accident. I did not have a clue what was going on. After that it all worked out.
2021-10-07 01:24:53
@BDAnon @JamesKaufman880804 So that begs the question what and where is your zero day? We have Cherokee tom spoke of and maybe Long Warrior. We have GT in 1918 and 1952. You must "start" some where and some time and then time travel all over time and the universe or is that not how it works at all? Just trying to understand. If it is not safe to say then please ignore. Stay Safe.

@_G9_ @JamesKaufman880804 Imagine time being a river and my movement like a rock that has been propelled over the river. I simply skip from here to there and then re-emerge to skip again until I settle for a while and move on. My first jump was at the battle of Midway, after that it all becomes somewhat of a blur, but after that initial trip I was able to direct the gift to go pretty much where I can imagine. The appearance of death has a way of focusing you and the escape mode in the human brain can be overwhelming particularly when the underlying biology promotes the movement. If you are asking the year I was born I need to leave that alone for now. And of course complete luck in some instances. Meeting Terry at Harvard and our relationship. You know he did teach at the NJC in Reno.
2021-10-07 01:28:13
@DC_Cesspool @BDAnon @DoQ_Holliday I recall he was in a plane in Midway.

@chopper755 @DC_Cesspool @DoQ_Holliday Well I did some damage and then I got my ass shot out from me and the rest is history. After the war I did catch up with the Japanese pilot that nailed me. But what the hell I gave better than I took. The young man I am mentoring, although he does not need me anymore, will be a helluva time traveler. God knows that family will need it.
2021-10-07 02:28:37
@BDAnon Are Terra Papers worth my time to research regarding our hidden history? Should I be patient for the reveal or continue seeking truth?

@chopper755 Why not. Once I leave the shit is going to hit the fan.
2021-10-07 02:31:05
@JamesKaufman880804 Water under the bridge. Have to have a thick skin and I have my own issues so who am I to judge. Stay safe.
2021-10-07 02:33:18
@BDAnon @chopper755 Actually looking forward to the SHTF, but will miss you.

@DC_Cesspool @chopper755 Same here. But I am worn out and pretty worthless. Had a good run but a newer model is needed.
2021-10-07 02:48:53
@BDAnon @chopper755 @DC_Cesspool @DoQ_Holliday Could we perhaps refer to that young man as BT? 😉

@MrBlueSkies @chopper755 @DC_Cesspool @DoQ_Holliday yes. Hope he visits when I get settled. He is a remarkable young man, and BB has a special role for him.
2021-10-07 02:51:16
@_G9_ @MrBlueSkies @BDAnon @chopper755 @DoQ_Holliday oh my gosh, I didn't even think of Barron when @BDAnon mentioned mentoring! I thought it was Tom as well. BDA mentioned often being with President Trump over the years on /pol. Barron must have been there as well at times. So awesome! 😇

@DC_Cesspool @_G9_ @MrBlueSkies @chopper755 @DoQ_Holliday Good thing I am leaving soon before I give away the whole store. The margaritas are really good tonight.
2021-10-07 02:53:07
@DC_Cesspool @_G9_ @MrBlueSkies @BDAnon @DoQ_Holliday you didn’t recognize the book title I posted? 😆

@chopper755 @DC_Cesspool @_G9_ @MrBlueSkies @DoQ_Holliday I am a bit blitzed.
2021-10-07 13:47:03
1.7 Will the star be visible only in South Africa or will all of mankind be able to see it somehow when the time comes?

The star will be visible for all mankind to see and will point a ray of light to the Valley for 10 days. Seems BB wants to make a point about science begin magic, and his magic is well THE Magic. Seems I have to be gone by October 16th at midnight. Never seen things be this specific before. A lot of tension here now, and the 4 worshiping sites stay busy 24 hours a day. I don`t call them Churches they are different. The only similar structures in the outside world I have seen are at Stonehedge and a site in Turkey, the name escapes me for the moment. His son is here also.
2021-10-07 13:49:22
@BDAnon Apologies for the self serving nature of the question, but as a young man with bloodlines going back to the original European explorers and pioneers of these lands; the insanity of watching the inheritance of my ancestors burn and knowing every institution and system in this world is corrupt beyond salvation has left me a bit lost. Is there any last organization or group left willing to fight the good fight, to build a better world for the next generations, something to serve to giving meaning, or should I just hunker down to warlord and protect my loved ones? The next possible question is more fun, does BB have another Alexander/Napoleon/Julis/Adolf in mind down the road?

@TimeKeeper11 Sometimes decay is just the fertilizer for a rebirth. There is another who will come and sooner than you think. For now live a life of action and love and care for those you can. Be as happy as you can.
2021-10-07 13:52:01
@BDAnon I really hope you will share more info with Paul before you leave, universe shattering secrets that he can slowly roll out to us without disturbing the force if possible.

@Madasmel I hear you. Maybe a discussion of the relationship between Atlantis and the Valley of the Blue Moon. Atlantis was always located in Africa and who knows maybe the original inhabitants of the Valley were from there. Atlantis was an incredible technological empire and had operations as far as Arizona. They had an active mining operation and library in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona.
2021-10-07 13:53:11
@BDAnon Hi, are you able to answer this please. Is this timeline now fixed. We cannot diverge into another one? We have now have to watch this one play out? Thank you! And God Bless!

@RosieP This is the final time line that is open. Once it is complete BB will decide where to go from there. If history is a guide I would bet on at least 5.
2021-10-07 13:53:55
This sounds awesome. Speaking of Terry (still hoping to hear more about him from you)... hey @OhnaQinRSA do you remember this? 😀

@Lady_Slipper @OhnaQinRSA Yep he has a fondness for ladies.
2021-10-07 13:54:46

@blackrow Thanks that is it.
2021-10-07 14:12:08
@BDAnon @Madasmel Oh yeah, the Tucson artefacts. I came across that story years ago and it always had the ring of truth for some reason.

If I'm going to live to 140 as a 30-year old, maybe I can travel the world and give lectures on all this info. Paul's missionary journeys v 2.0?

@paulf @Madasmel Paul you will live a lot longer than you can imagine. You get to rebuild.
2021-10-07 14:14:41
@BDAnon Thank you BD. Enjoy these last 9 days here and then get back to Annie before you left. Love that idea. 22 million vibrations a second must take a toll on your body and mind. Hope BB did not bestow too big a hangover on you. BB for the W. Soon it sounds like! Say hi to JC for us.

@_G9_ I will do that. You folks will be able to say hi to him soon enough. You will live in exciting times that is for sure. Not so much me. I am all excited out. Guess that makes sense. Yea this whole business scrambles the brain a bit.
2021-10-07 14:18:51
@paulf @BDAnon US troops secretly training Taiwan for over a year per WSJ article today

@votesmarterplease @paulf There have been things I have not shared because of the people I have contacts with. When I said two major conflicts before Christmas that was based on a lot of things both physical and metaphysical. The Israel/Iran business will happen in the middle of the night and just be an explosion. The China issue will drag out in the public view for a while. I expect Israel will decapitate the entire Iranian leadership and go from there.
2021-10-07 17:44:46
Milley should just put his pink panties back on and join Antifa and Black Lives Matter along with the rest of the Joint Chiefs. You can`t keep shit like this secret and the benefit is minimal. On another subject seems the cowboy that blew up the Marines in Kabul was a prisoner released from Bagram. Seems a source shared those boys were on the way to Kabul to raise some hell, guess one made it. Milley is beyond worthless and Biden is beyond brain dead.
2021-10-07 18:59:13
Is it possible that Baron will take BDA’s role and continue BB’s work?

@DC_Cesspool @_G9_ @MrBlueSkies @BDAnon @chopper755 @DoQ_Holliday

@OIC @DC_Cesspool @_G9_ @MrBlueSkies @chopper755 @DoQ_Holliday Nope he is higher up the food chain. And that is a good thing.
2021-10-07 19:18:17
@BDAnon @OIC @DC_Cesspool @_G9_ @MrBlueSkies @DoQ_Holliday but, you and others? are mentoring BT for his future role, correct?

@chopper755 @OIC @DC_Cesspool @_G9_ @MrBlueSkies @DoQ_Holliday Yes
2021-10-07 22:54:50
Just a reminder that the occurrence of a number of seemingly unconnected events are in fact connected. Afterwards in looking back it will seem obvious. Volcano in the Atlantic off Africa, Monitors at Yellowstone going off line, an American sub hits a submerged something in the south China Sea, the public disclosure of american military personnel in Taiwan, and a lot of other things. I have seen this movie before.
2021-10-08 15:18:29
@Magallanica Well live a life of action governed by virtue and you will find happiness and you can let all of that go. What is important is what is inside.
2021-10-08 16:00:55
@Magallanica The journey you are on is yours and yours alone. A life of action governed by virtue is a journey all can take, some do some do not but the choice is yours. Happiness is the result of living a life of virtue if you cannot see that then no one can show it to you. Doom is a life without hope and a life without hope is a life without purpose or meaning. A meaning beyond us leading to the perfection of the the human soul.
2021-10-08 16:01:51
@Magallanica You seem to have all the answers and for some that is a good thing. People with questions it seem are far more open to seeing more. Good luck in your journey.,
2021-10-08 16:38:23
@BDAnon SHTF 🙌 Frogman is a MIL insider. Very reliable. Starlink has been ORDERED.

@DC_Cesspool Damn I thought this would remain peaceful for another week or so. My Russian friend in Syria says this is the real deal and Xi is being bombarded with military folks wanting to duke it out. BB is active and he was adamant about my check out day and time. The time thing puzzled me.
2021-10-08 16:40:07
Just wanted to mention that I have been in contact with Mary and she is very thankful for your efforts. Lets see what happens. God Bless you Mary and remember you are never alone.
2021-10-08 19:35:10
@DC_Cesspool @BDAnon @paulf

I have a feeling that BB’s event that requires your departure will be geological

@Matrixtruth @DC_Cesspool @paulf Maybe so. A lot going on. Sometimes I have a feel for these things but not this time. A bit strange.
2021-10-08 19:39:05
@BDAnon @DC_Cesspool "You can't always get what you Want" - Rolling Stones 1969....
But you get what you need...
BB has got this well under control.

Re your checkout time. I broached the idea yesterday with @paulf that we need to have a "surprise" going away party for you. 5 to 6pm EDT on Oct. 16th. I think that works out to 11pm to your midnight checkout time in VBM in SA. Would you be amenable to checking in here or if Paul figures out something better where that is, and maybe dropping some pics and let us us all wave good bye and BB bless? Folks here have taken a shine to you and your story all the way back to the time before time. I just figured it would be nice.

BB for the W. Only he knows what that is!!!

@American50 @4rjh @Lady_Slipper @Ballerinaluv @blackrow @pogue44

@_G9_ @DC_Cesspool @paulf @American50 @4rjh @Lady_Slipper @Ballerinaluv @blackrow Let me see and thanks for the kind words. Nothing on my schedule except packing and wrapping a few things up here.
2021-10-08 23:08:23
Milley should just put his pink panties back on and join Antifa and Black Lives Matter along with the rest of the Joint Chiefs. You can`t keep shit like this secret and the benefit is minimal. On another subject seems the cowboy that blew up the Marines in Kabul was a prisoner released from Bagram. Seems a source shared those boys were on the way to Kabul to raise some hell, guess one made it. Milley is beyond worthless and Biden is beyond brain dead.

Heard a crazy story from an intelligence person this afternoon that Milley was responsible for leaking the information to the Chinese about American troops in Taiwan and Biden was not told. Biden is really messed up bad it seems.
2021-10-08 23:11:33
Yep a real shit show.

Imagine Milley will deal with this like he did with Afghanistan just not bother Biden with the details until the missiles start flying.
2021-10-08 23:24:16
@JamesKaufman880804 I would like to believe Milley is not this nuts and Biden is not totally insane, but who knows. This source is reliable.
2021-10-08 23:35:36
@BDAnon @DC_Cesspool Did JC arrive in the VBM to take and open the seals? He is the only one that can do so. ("If the scroll could not be opened, then wickedness would not be judged and evil would continue to infect the earth")

Did we not ask, in a fashion, for Him to do so?

The first seal introduces the antichrist. Hmmm. 😶
The opening of the second seal brings great warfare to the whole earth (!)
Third: famine (but of course)😐
Fourth: death, 1/4th of the earth's population is killed/dies by various means (yup, that would follow)🙁
Fifth: Martyrs are killed for their faith (work in progress)😢
Sixth is just a doozy of earth-changing geological and celestial events. Survivors hide in the caves and mountains. (including VBM?) Interesting.😓

Then a pause:
Then the trumpet plagues begin.

@AncientofSouls @DC_Cesspool I am sorry I cannot answer that. I just do not know.
2021-10-09 00:29:44
@BDAnon i saw tom commented on this a while back. can you explain what the capital of rhoda is?

@blackrow That is quite the rabbit hole to go down. Rhoda was a Roman Colony in the Southwestern United States before the U.S. existed. The Colony was eventually destroyed. The real story is what they discovered and the subsequent relocation of a library they found to the Valley of the Blue Moon. The library was created by the ancients. The civilization known as Atlantis. And is a complete history on gold and copper plates of their existence. The Capital of Rhoda was located in the Tucson area. The road map the Romans had was the completed version of the Critias, that provided detail about Atlantis in the new world. History says the Critias was never completed but it was and several copies are in existence, one preserved in the Vatican. Well you did ask.
2021-10-09 06:22:52
Terry once remarked that "The present is created in the future. And the past will change in the blink of the eye if it does not support the timeline. Cause/effect=illusion."
Could you tell us about it a bit more? How would the past change in the blink of an eye...? Any examples in our history?

@Lady_Slipper That is a good question. From my own experience 3 times Hitler died and it did not matter. His death did not support the time line so it simply disappeared. In Annie`s case her death had no effect on the time line so her surviving was of little importance except to me. If you are looking for examples in history the challenge is that as a time traveler I can see the changes that took place but to the unsuspecting viewer there was no change, simply what is is what is. They do not see the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. Unless you have been behind the curtain everything seems normal with no memory of a difference. Obviously none of these is provable for now and it all perhaps should be viewed as magic. For example who is buried in Annie`s grave in North Georgia? I believe it is Annie yet she still lives in 1849 California and we will live a good life together and have several children. And yet there are others. Seems to me like Magic. And I knew none of this until I saved her.
2021-10-09 06:53:45
Thank you I suspected as much. But say you are a SUSPECTING viewer of a certain event that would change a millisecond later. You could perhaps swear you absolutely saw something happening but you cannot prove it because the present does not support that. It might make a person think they are insane.
Any examples of that experienced by people that are not time travelers?

@Lady_Slipper I am not sure it is even possible for a suspecting viewer to even exist. The slate is wiped clean. And time simply moves on. Having said that who knows. Maybe a fleeting feeling that something is just not quite right. And then the ship rights itself. Plato had an interesting point that we remember previous lives until we grow and then the memory of that past disappears. This is great headache material. When Annie past away I did go nuts for a while but that was from loss, and the loss was real, or was it? Did not turn out that way. His magic is strong.
2021-10-09 14:54:16
1.8 How different are the people when you go back in time? How different is the geography without modern construction. Does the food taste better? Is the air quality better? People were different. The life span of folks was shorter and there are diseases such as cataracts that were not treatable then. I have a friend on Kanaka Creek, a really good man, who is pretty much blind and cannot see much because of his cataracts. I have brought him some meds from time to time to help with other things but this is not something I can help with. Having said that he is content with life and pans for Gold and just lives a quite life. Annie gave him a Maltese to care for. They are quite the pair. A rather huge Hawaiian and a little dog he carries around in his hand. People live life different. Their`s lives are shorter but more full I suspect. Of course it really depends on where you are. San Francisco is pretty filthy much like today. And folks would burn at the stake our current political leadership..
2021-10-09 15:04:04
1.8 continued. The food is better and the environment is both cleaner and more polluted depending on where you are. If you travel the Sierras back into Nevada, the area around Reno has some great fishing in the creeks and Pyramid lake. You have to watch out for the Indians though. Things were not as settled as they are now and folks were into killing each other more. The geography is different. Going through the Sierras, particularly in the eastern portions are trails and such. Had a chance to spend a few days just watching the trans`continental railway being built. One thing that I noticed is the coinage is just beautiful. The gold and silver coins created at the Carson City Mint are gorgeous and money was just different. Life was harder, but in the Gold Camps people just don`t give a shit and have a good time 24/7. The movie paint your wagon is a lot closer than you think to reality. I know folks here in the Sierras who have multiple wives and a few women who have several husbands. Scarcity creates solutions.. Whatever.
2021-10-09 15:17:55
1.9 Does time travel have anything to do with the work of the Sonora Aero Club in the 1850`s? Not that I know of.
2021-10-09 15:27:52
1.10 How often has a "reset" occurred on our planet that was the result. Not sure what the rest of this sentence is getting at but I will try. There were two major resets in the past that I consider primary. Both were the result of the actions of BB. One was the destruction of Atlantis by fire, the other being the destruction of the world by water. BB tends to cycle back and therefore we will be in a cycle of fire next. This reset is the biggest by far. Primarily because there are so many people. It will be quite the show. His hints are everywhere. I tend to ignore a lot of the nonsense by the elite. BB just laughs at them and their pride. Yellowstone is starting to shake a bit and the Volcano in the Atlantic off of Africa is perking up. He is up to something in California. Although I am beginning to believe the Situation in China maybe the first to go and maybe soon. I have enjoyed answering your questions as best I could and I will be around for a while longer and will jump in where I can. BB wanted me to answer as many questions as I can. He has something in mind.
2021-10-09 15:36:20
I think Georgia Tech plays Duke today. Hopefully WW3 can hold off a bit. I remember when both Tech and Duke had really good teams and each year was a battle. Not so much now. But what the hell. A rambling wreck from Georgia Tech and quite the engineer. Working on some ideas for the Timbering in the Comstock. Should be quite the hoot. And Piper`s Opera House. Let the good times roll.
2021-10-09 20:03:22
@BDAnon When you leave on the 16th is that it, we won’t hear from you anymore?

@PrayRosary never say never, imagine I would get a time out. Probably not. You folks have enough young blood to run with. Old dogs don`t want to be late for dinner.
2021-10-09 20:03:50
@BDAnon Can you shed any light on the Genesis 6 giants?

@Night_Owl70 sorry I cannot.
2021-10-09 20:04:43
I think Georgia Tech plays Duke today. Hopefully WW3 can hold off a bit. I remember when both Tech and Duke had really good teams and each year was a battle. Not so much now. But what the hell. A rambling wreck from Georgia Tech and quite the engineer. Working on some ideas for the Timbering in the Comstock. Should be quite the hoot. And Piper`s Opera House. Let the good times roll.

Well, well 31-27. A nice gift.
2021-10-09 23:33:50
@BDAnon How about a classified ad then from the past just for us. Not that difficult. Proof?

@JohnOutbakjak Sounds good. Tell me what you would like it to say and the newspaper you would like to see it in. My preference would be if I remember correctly the Territorial Enterprise published in Virginia City. Maybe a picture of Annie and me? And you pick something to write about.
2021-10-09 23:38:54
The Hawaiian with cataracts, how sad. Don't the folks in the Valley have any advice how to help him?

@Lady_Slipper Have to be careful what I do. He needs surgery and a treatment of recovery that would be difficult to manage there, and taking him out would lead to too many questions.
2021-10-10 01:54:53
This never gets old. Milley could not even hold Patton`s jock strap. Hell my Russian friend in Syria has more on the ball than that piece of shit and handles a power saw like a champ. Fuck Milley.
2021-10-10 14:34:18
@BDAnon Scroll down to #2 .. Patton claimed he had seen combat many times before in previous lives

@jafo2U He had.
2021-10-10 14:40:45
@BDAnon Not sure where to drop this post, but it ties in with much of what we have been talking about - just from a surprising perspective.


This written interview was done back in Oct 2008, four years prior to what many thought was going to be the end of the world on 12/21/12 when the Mayan calendar ended. The earth did not shift to 5D either much to the surprise of many others.

The interview spanned over the course of a week and has a very striking parallel to one of the reasons why BDA, Tom and BB have been here with us to answer questions about hidden knowledge. The difference is this was also done by someone from an ancient bloodline, but who represents Lucifer.

Not trying to take any time from BDA at all and as much as evil repels me, I found the information to be really interesting and it covers much of what we have been talking about. You will understand if you opt to read it.

@BDAnon @paulf @_G9_ @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper @blackrow @Castle_Red @ancientofsouls @OIC

@DC_Cesspool @paulf @_G9_ @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper @blackrow @Castle_Red The anti-christ is here now and others have been here for sometime. They are like a cancer eating away the fabric of what is decent with mankind.
2021-10-10 14:42:11
@SurferPatriot So did he. It was a farewell. He knows where this is going.
2021-10-10 14:44:44
@BDAnon Uh oh. Rough night?

@Ballerinaluv Yes it was. Things are moving too fast, and there is not a damn thing I can do to help. It is not my nature to go out the door. Love the ones around you and keep them safe.
2021-10-10 15:24:14
2021-10-10 15:31:20
A tip of the hat to Mr. La Paz. Once I get back will post a personal in the Territorial Enterprise. Wonder if it is already there. Time is such a circle. Will try to get Annie and the hound in also.

Make it sound completely innocuous and well within the personals of the time

"Congrats to the president's Club, Jimmy, Ronald, George, William, Junior, Barry, Donald and Joe from BDA"

For example. 8 names that wouldn't mean anything to anyone for 150 years

That or some scientific knowledge that didn't exist at the time eg. E=MC^2 or the year Fermat's last theorom gets solved (1994)
2021-10-10 16:01:08
@BDAnon question from the peanut gallery: any thoughts on the timing of the next solar micronova?

@blackrow I am somewhat checked out on all of that. Whatever is coming is big, very big. Stay safe.
2021-10-10 16:02:14
@BDAnon World's most interesting man....

@_G9_ Actually pretty boring. Like my coin collection, a pleasant stream, and a good woman, and maybe a hound. And the gold to ferret out of the river.
2021-10-10 17:41:54
@BDAnon All archives of the Territorial Enterprise up until 1875 were destroyed by a fire. After that all editions can be found in the Nevada state archives. We won't be able to read the ad if it's before 1875.

@pogue44 Thanks for the heads up. Did not know. Guess I will have to place the ad in 1876. I wonder if I did. This is a head scratcher.
2021-10-11 01:07:00
The china virus has always been a bio-weapon. What is interesting here is the admission the vaccines as currently constituted are not the answer they never have been. The Chinese developed a number of variations before the release of 19. One of those variations killed over 5000 Chinese as I documented about two years ago. The Chinese thought this mutation has been put down but there were some break outs in Russia of this strain and it appears it has come back. Seems the Chinese did not kill everyone infected and it is either a stand alone killer or it has mutated from interactions with other mutations. The Chinese are panicking and a source has explained this is a reason behind the tensions with Taiwan. As everything with China no one knows the complete truth. As long as Xi is still getting his Russian whores, another story, he is content till he is overthrown and he will be.
2021-10-11 01:12:22
@JamesKaufman880804 When mankind forgets what is important, living a life of action governed by virtue he will need a slap up the side of the head to get him back on course. And who better than BB.
2021-10-11 01:34:51
Considering the folks on Taiwan have had nuclear weapons for sometime, developed with Israeli help this article is a hoot.
2021-10-11 04:40:37
@BDAnon What does 34, 34, 24/7 mean?

@Skully6179 May I ask where you read that and who posted it. I have been out of pocket for a while. Thanks.
2021-10-11 04:42:03
@BDAnon @JamesKaufman880804

You are going to miss all the fun, BDA. BB’s been busy on /pol today.

@DC_Cesspool @JamesKaufman880804 Seems he is riled up. That is not good.
2021-10-11 04:48:25
@pogue44 @Criag @BDAnon Likewise! There’s a whole self-organising collective that shares this burning question!

@OhnaQinRSA @pogue44 @Criag I need to research this. If it came from BB it is not good. 34 is a special number to us and let me leave it be for a while. A second 34 means the clock has stopped and 24/7 means two things what ever is coming will be round the clock and more importantly if you subtract 7 from 24 you come up with 17. Believe this number has been mentioned before and for now I will let it set. If this came from BB and it was a part of a number sequence then that means everything is locked and loaded and no changes can be made. I need to see the sequence of numbers this is in.
2021-10-11 04:49:04
@BDAnon @JamesKaufman880804 BB's adrenaline is pumping. Looking forward to seeing fake biden eating his turds live on TV. What a photo op to go down in the new history books. 😂

@DC_Cesspool @JamesKaufman880804 I need to read his posts.
2021-10-11 05:12:47
@BDAnon @pogue44 @Criag And not much of a number sequence to go by, I’m afraid….

@OhnaQinRSA @pogue44 @Criag Thanks for all the help. I have everything I need. The 29 is a directional signal to a certain star cluster. I need to go to work and talk to some entities.
2021-10-11 05:15:05
@BDAnon @pogue44 @Criag Interesting times when BB gives you work through us! 😎

@OhnaQinRSA @pogue44 @Criag Yea, my day was too pleasant I guess. He does this sort of thing sometime. He is also communicating to others and that is the danger right now.
2021-10-11 12:27:55
@BDAnon Beverly has asked me to pass this info on to you:

Pascalite, bentonite clay
Pascalite is a creamy white-colored form of bentonite clay found only in the Big Horn mountains of Wyoming. It’s classified as a calcium bentonite/montmorillonite and was considered a sacred healing substance to the Indians. Pascalite is alleged to have a very high energy level, and its mineral content has been found to heal a wide variety of ailments ranging from brown recluse spider bites, to skin necroses and digestive tract ulcers. Although it may seem far-fetched to some, cataract patients have reported that applying the clay paste to their eyelids and making eye drops from water filtered through the clay has helped to dissolve their cataracts.

Cineraria Maritima
Cineraria maratima, or dusty miller, is a common herb whose juice is known to dissolve cataracts. India’s Central Council for Research in Homeopathy, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has noted that Cineraria tincture can prevent cataracts from developing. Additionally, homeopathic doctor William Boericke, M.D. notes in his Materia Medica with Repertory that Cineraria tincture may reverse existing cataracts. To obtain the full effects of this herb, the mother tincture must be used diluted in saline water. Commercial products are not effective.

@paulf Thanks let me work that.
2021-10-11 14:44:53
21-10-11 Been at GLP since the last millenium I think.

I value time spent on or with any conspiracy nut website greatly. The more recent the more suspicious I am of stuff posted. You learn the tells and what is real and what is memorex over time or at least i hope I do.

Today's Sorcha and Ben Fulford and Tom Heneghan all add little tidbits to "my" understanding I hope. Will not post links.

Also GLP. Haven of wacky lefty stuff but there are rays of sunshine. The two biggest longest running Q threads ever. 4th anniversary coming up. bet @paulf had no clue what was coming straight at him 4 Octobers ago. Lots of real good nuggets always at GLP for me. Read this today. YMMV. The Grassley 4th in line stuff sounds like something BB might tolerate. Iowa is likely number 2 in college football this week and we know @BDAnon loves his football.

Here is a snippet of a GLP post in the Q thread that was of interest....

"So big things might happen the next 32 days .
Washington DC suspended all commercial flights tomorrow to and from dc .
This could be the Vax blue flu that is going around a lot of airports requiring all workers to be vAxed .

Trump introduced his base to Senator Chuck Grassley last night and made sure we all know Trump likes and trusts Chuck Grassley .
This is big because Chuck Grassley is the senior senate member .He is the President Pro tempore of the Senate .
That makes him 4th in the chain of command . President Vice President Soeaker of the House then President Pro tempore the the line of succession .
So if Biden Harris and Pelosi are arrested or resign or are dead then Chuck Grassley is the president of the USA .
The fact Trump introduced him and went out of his way to talk him up could mean something .
If and when this goes down it will happen fast . Lord knows it has drug out for hundreds of years to get to this ."

We are all here to witness this so lets do just that. Does DJY not have a rally in Iowa tomorrow. Seems the chess pieces are lining up. BB for the W.

@American50 @4rjh @DC_Cesspool @Ballerinaluv @pogue44 @blackrow .........

@_G9_ @paulf @American50 @4rjh @DC_Cesspool @Ballerinaluv @pogue44 @blackrow Hello Steve, Just wanted to say thanks for all you do and let you know that post about Fuberites was not me. Also BB placed another poster in another time line for his mischief. See the humor. That time line is closed. BB does like his laughs. Spoke with him this morning. I will wait a few days before explaining his numbers. Paul mentioned some medicine I have to track down. There is a doctor here who is putting a care package together for my Hawaiian friend. A tip of the hat to Paul`s wife. God Bless.
2021-10-11 15:26:41
@BDAnon I'm trying to get some grasp on the "anti-christ." Is it one specific human at this point or it more of a embodiment of pure evil that can operate in more than one human?

@schmidty_17 That is a great question. At the time of creation the entity that is referred to as the Anti-Christ escaped from the pre-existance that I have called madness. My exposure to it was simply to experience a maze of forms and both the forces of good and evil. It is like a tornado with a whirl of impressions flowing past. When God created existence entities followed him here and exist throughout the Universe. His efforts are aimed at eliminating those forces and guiding mankind to perfection. In this particular manifestation the Anti-Christ is a woman. She is quite powerful and is a member of the Biden Administration. Strange times.
2021-10-11 17:33:48
@BDAnon Given China virus is a bio-weapon; is the vax also?

@mibogie No , just a product of greed and stupidity. Having said that Fauci deserves a trial for treason and hanging.
2021-10-11 17:34:40
@BDAnon Well with Bama going down, your comment about Georgia winning it all may come to fruition. Every big play A&M had against them were blown coverages (Moore being ejected played into this, since his replacement Branch, was the one leaving people wide open)

@seektruth1717 By itself a good enough reason to leave.
2021-10-11 18:49:12
@_G9_ @hereandthere @BDAnon @DC_Cesspool @paulf @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper @blackrow

Agreed. I’ve been thinking on this some. I think people just don’t know what to do with themselves. People want to help or do their part in all of this, but none of us really know what that is, if anything. For me, that causes a fair amount of consternation.

Should I stack rocks or just die in place? Inquiring minds would like to know.

@Castle_Red @_G9_ @hereandthere @DC_Cesspool @paulf @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper @blackrow I am sorry I cannot answer that. I do not know enough about what is coming. Me I would dive my bomber into a carrier just for the hell of it.
2021-10-11 22:30:43
@BDAnon Congrats on the W. Iowa crowd today clocked in at 117 Db in come from behind win vs Penn State--joy in the heartland.

@laweyre Saw Iowa beat Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl. Seems like a lot of great people backing their team.
2021-10-12 00:32:25
@BDAnon @laweyre I’ve been picking up on a few Iowa references as of late… is there more there that you can share? Maybe a “safe” zone for natural disaster?

@schmidty_17 @laweyre Well Iowa is heaven.
2021-10-12 01:47:41

@blackrow And the beat goes on. Quite the holiday season coming up. Watch Iran also I have heard some rather strong stuff coming form Israel. Shit guess it is time to burn the whole forest down and start over. Odd in a sense since Israel is the reason Taiwan has nuclear weapons.
2021-10-12 02:13:35
These things are happening everywhere. It is not happenstance it is all related. And the movie plays again.
2021-10-12 02:20:08
@LaconicallyReticent You can count on one thing. Now there are no coincidences. One time I saw the entire food chain of a city disappear, it just happened. How far this goes who knows. The city? You do not want to know what he did.
2021-10-12 02:43:24
@BDAnon I want to wish you a great life and great times in the 1840’s!

I wish there was a way that I could give back to you for all that you have given to us! I wish I could recommend a good book on how to homestead or how to shoe a horse, replace a wooden wagon wheel, how to set up 6 horses to a wagon or how to plow straight lines with a mule but alas I cannot think of a great book written in the early 1800’s!

If you ever come across William Henry Jackson then try to get in to the picture that he takes!

He was hired by the American Government to document the continental United States in the late 1800’s but you probably already know this so I will post this for the Furberites!

@paulf @_G9_ @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper @blackrow @DC_Cesspool @4rjh

@OIC @paulf @_G9_ @Ballerinaluv @Lady_Slipper @blackrow @DC_Cesspool @4rjh ] You folks have given me far more than I have given you. I have my gold pan, Annie, and Baltimore and family, I will be happy and when I die I will be blessed to have led not a boring life and the friends I met along the way made all the difference. Good luck.
2021-10-12 04:47:31
@BDAnon BD….still wondering about the digits…any word?

@Skully6179 Yes. I will share in a few days.
2021-10-12 04:49:29
Hey BDA @BDAnon ummm....not sure how to ask this but what the heck? Nothing to lose I guess. What are the Vegas odds of me stopping in at Tonopah within the next few days and picking up the VBM lat/long GPS coordinates, a certain scroll, and any of those leftover flowers you might have from the rattlesnake mine? You know we can knock down a few margaritas out at Diamondfield Gulch, shoot the shit a little, take a few selfies with a certain one legged dog, plan out the deets of that 1876 Classified ad, etc...

I'll make sure Paul gets the scroll for safe keeping, Steve figures out how to grow the flowers for humanity and promote them on the BB website, and Ohna helps anyone in the group that wants to go the VBM at a later date way find in South Africa. Blackrow can do background checks to help keep the riff raff out because I know JC will probably want to vet people before admission. Lady Slipper can also organize an archive for you if you have any other family pictures you need preserved in the Goldfield visitors museum.

If anyone else wants to be involved somehow just shout it out too....

I know you might have to run this one by BB, but hey it's worth the ask. One thing I learned from raising money for non profits. You don't get unless you do the ask. Yeah?

In any case I stand ever ready to roll and always at your service kind sir.

@_G9_ @paulf @blackrow @Lady_Slipper @OhnaQinRSA

@pogue44 @_G9_ @paulf @blackrow @Lady_Slipper @OhnaQinRSA Thanks for the kind words. I am at the Valley of the Blue Moon.
2021-10-12 21:36:25
Well, well, well. The gang is all here. Should be an interesting meeting. Say your prayers. The game is high stakes and the players are all in. I need a drink. Now this is the real doomsday plane. What a ride.
2021-10-13 00:20:54
Sometimes coincidences can run you nuts. BB just drew 4 8`s. Eights are an important number to him. He had a post recently where he had three 8`s at the end. If you add them together you get 24. The 24th of October is 8 days after I leave. I suspect something big on the 24th of October. Crazy stuff. Suspect that post is very important.
2021-10-13 00:39:12
These things are happening everywhere. It is not happenstance it is all related. And the movie plays again.

It is odd. I just noticed that post had 2 8`s in it. Strange times.
2021-10-13 00:40:52
@BDAnon 888 also symbolizes infinity. Powerful number sequence,

@DC_Cesspool I need a drink. This game will go on at least another 24 hours.
2021-10-13 01:03:08
@BDAnon Clif High also predicting something big on the 24th of Oct....GAME ON!

@cheshiregoat Can you share? Thanks.
2021-10-13 01:05:25
@BDAnon oct 24= 10 24= 34

@blackrow You know this stuff sometimes just goes round and round. I would never had thought of that. thanks
2021-10-13 01:50:34
@BDAnon So…2 more weeks? C’mon BD…again?

@Skully6179 Actually I will be gone Saturday. After that enjoy the ride. Just reading the tea leaves.
2021-10-13 01:58:57
@BDAnon good luck BD and thanks. I just wish I could believe anything will happen anymore…we definitely need some wins.

@Skully6179 Good luck to you also. Really it is hard to believe anything anymore and the stuff I am posting to most folks is pretty crazy sounding. But BB mentioned to me one day only a few are needed to see the truth and give it meaning.
2021-10-13 02:26:25
@BDAnon I’m trying brother, it’s been a long hard road and I’m really hard trying to believe. I’ve not been the best Christian for a long time and I’m trying. If you’re playing me…I’m done.

@Skully6179 Just lead a life of action governed by virtue, you will be happy and regardless of the world around you, that can never be taken from you. And happiness and love are the essence of God. I think the one that follows me will help a lot. She is a descendant of a famous historical figure that I have loved for a long, long time. Stay safe.
2021-10-13 02:31:49
@BDAnon thanks BD…I’m trying my best…I just hope it’s good enough

@Skully6179 Never forget happiness is an inside job. A job each of us can excel in. And being happy brings into being the eternal force we call BB/God.
2021-10-13 02:43:22
@BDAnon @Skully6179 So we get to keep a linkage to "happenings" via someone who will follow you? Are we talking roughly 2000 odd years as the long, long time?

@MrBlueSkies @Skully6179 That is her story to share.
2021-10-13 02:52:26
@JamesKaufman880804 @MrBlueSkies @Skully6179 Annie, myself and the dogs are retired. The rest is here She will be here by the 24th.
2021-10-13 02:53:53
@JamesKaufman880804 @MrBlueSkies @Skully6179 Interesting numbers you have there. Three 8`s.
2021-10-13 03:04:16
@BDAnon @JamesKaufman880804 @MrBlueSkies @Skully6179 First blush is Ike's granddaughter? Followed her on twitter until the purge. Interesting lady. Ike was the Area 51 guy. A first reaction anyways...

@_G9_ @JamesKaufman880804 @MrBlueSkies @Skully6179 Hello Steve, I have gradually tried to prepare you folks for what is coming. I will let her light your fire. It will be obvious who she is and her role in upcoming events. Stay safe. She is from a galaxy far, far away in a sense and is the descendant of a very, very special person.
2021-10-13 03:09:24
2021-10-13 03:12:22
This shit just gets better and better.
2021-10-13 13:26:51
@BDAnon @paulf
Speaking of Israel and Taiwan:
(Didn’t BD tell us Israel helped Taiwan develop Nukes?😎)

“Since the early 1960s when Taiwanese officials met Professor Ernst David Bergmann, the first chairman of the Israel Atomic Energy Commission, he played a significant role in Taiwan’s nuclear (and missile) programs. In Taiwan, which he visited occasionally and maintained close relations with President Chiang Kai-shek and its military-technological-scientific complex, Bergmann also facilitated some of Israel’s conventional military transfers to Taiwan. While some of his activities in Taiwan may have been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Defense (which followed its own foreign policy), the Foreign Ministry took exception, well before Jerusalem’s rapprochement with Beijing. Israel’s military relations with the Republic of China (ROC, Taiwan) had been aborted by the mid-1990s, even though attempts have been made to resume defense links. Since his death in 1975—one day after Chiang Kai-shek’s—and definitely before, Ernst Bergmann has been considered, implicitly but lately explicitly, a prominent player in Taiwan’s defense modernization and one of the forefathers of its nuclear program.”

@Finding_K_Factor @paulf Why yes I did. The nuclear program in Taiwan is sophisticated and on-going. They will not walk into the ovens alone.
2021-10-13 13:29:10
@hardkoretom @BDAnon At the time I was led to believe North Korea and KJU were being used by the DS as their personal nuclear threat.
When DJT turned up, KJU acted like a kid at Christmas. I suddenly saw him as vulnerable and started to question in my head all those ‘gory stories’ we’d heard of what he did to his enemies. Was it all just propaganda?
It’s not for us to know but my mind still leads that way 🤷🏻‍♀️

@SemperVigilat @hardkoretom Kim is probably one of the most normal leaders on the international stage. He misses Trump and I think Trump misses him. It would have been a beautiful friendship.
2021-10-13 13:34:39
@BDAnon How’s the game going? Any updates to the outcome?

@Skully6179 Not sure if this game is on the up and up.
2021-10-13 13:35:46
2021-10-13 14:00:09
Her name is Rebecca and yes she is beautiful. She will be in the public view soon enough. She was born in the Valley of the Blue Moon.
2021-10-13 14:01:33
Her eyes are beautiful. What did BB say, the gateway to the human soul?

@Lady_Slipper Can`t get anything by you.
2021-10-13 14:10:31
@BDAnon @Lady_Slipper in the scene there is also the bb character

@blackrow @Lady_Slipper I must be slowing down. It is all right there.
2021-10-13 15:37:19
@BDAnon @blackrow @Lady_Slipper Hmmm. So that could mean Rick est vous? BB we know. Claude Rains is Capt. Renault. There is that Captain thing to muddle us up. LOL The gang was all there at the poker table last night. Nice table there in the movie. Ilsa Lund. Will have to figure out the Rebecca connect. The one from the bible is beautiful in paintings.

@_G9_ @blackrow @Lady_Slipper Who knows. Time travelers are a sneaky lot. Maybe I have already posted her picture.
2021-10-13 15:40:55
@BDAnon Any more info you are able to share on the 34, 34 24/7 numbers? ❤️. I know you are counting down....and probably still have tons to do..

@Matrixtruth It is better I wait a bit.
2021-10-13 16:41:00
@Ballerinaluv @BDAnon yes they do!

@caroledevine @Ballerinaluv She is beautiful isn`t she.
2021-10-13 16:46:08
@BDAnon How will we find her?

@Skully6179 Maybe I have already posted her picture. If so it should be quite easy. Well I did post her picture. She has traveled in time. And she knows all the tricks. Her family in the Valley of the Blue Moon was amused considering who they are.
2021-10-13 16:46:30
@BDAnon I wonder if she is Jesus’ daughter? ❤️

@DC_Cesspool Warm but not yet there.
2021-10-13 16:47:33
@BDAnon who is this Rebecca

@Jaisyn She will let you know. She has quite the talent for talking. And well a picture is worth a thousand words.
2021-10-13 16:49:22
@BDAnon Well, my second guess is your daughter? 😇 Thank you for the tip.

@DC_Cesspool Nope. She is a lot higher up the food chain than a lowly rambling wreck. Just look into her eyes, you will know.
2021-10-13 17:16:14
@BDAnon @DC_Cesspool a direct descendent?

@chopper755 @DC_Cesspool I bet you open all your Christmas presents early. Give it a bit longer. The entry act never gives away the main act.
2021-10-13 17:17:34
@DuesyKat @BDAnon Oh my wooord, @DuesyKat! I think you’re onto something!!!

@OhnaQinRSA @DuesyKat Beautiful.
2021-10-13 20:59:27
@BDAnon Rebecca Ferguson plays Lady Jessica in Dune which releases on Oct 22. Public eyes will be on her then. She looks similar to Ingrid Bergman and I think Helena too:

@triple8 That date is very, very interesting.
2021-10-13 22:06:33
2021-10-14 01:18:20
@DC_Cesspool @BDAnon

Show me one place in God's Word where Jesus has children just one, prove it. This is getting dangerous because now people are believing that God's word delivered to us is not correct that is playing with fire. Although I agree it is entertaining to follow these threads but there's not been one thing BD and on has been right about That I can remember prove me wrong.

@Republic_Of_Texas @DC_Cesspool Well I could site things but that is not the point. The point is this position is not for you and that is ok. I have no interest or desire to point you anywhere you do not want to go. I will suggest to you that a life of action governed by virtue gives happiness and the essence of BB is love seems reasonable. I will be gone in a few days so you have little to fear just be happy, love those around you and live a life of virtue. I think you can agree with that. With time what is important is that we learn to love more, fear less and put things behind us that do not make us better. I know that in the time I have left I will practice what I preach with a wonderful lady.
2021-10-14 02:07:07
@BDAnon @_G9_ @blackrow @Lady_Slipper Are the Angels going to come to us as they did for Lot,,, I will happily leave,,, I don’t think they will have to drag anyone on this thread out...😁

@JesseJamesWOtheE @_G9_ @blackrow @Lady_Slipper Well I will be panning Gold in California and since Heaven is in Iowa who knows, except when the Hawkeye`s beat Georgia Tech.
2021-10-14 02:14:42
Suspect this will be a great movie. May want to catch it. Fascinating Characters and Herbert really is a master. He always was.
2021-10-14 02:24:18
@JamesKaufman880804 yes it is, but see for yourself. I agree on the movies I like moves such as the Big Country, West Side Story, and Casablanca. A lot of the newer stuff is just nuts to me. Herbert was associated with a very special group. A number of science fiction writers were. Think Foundation and ask yourself why are they coming out now?
2021-10-14 02:26:08
@BDAnon Sometimes I just wish you would not talk in riddles…it doesn’t help my faith :)

@Skully6179 I agree sometimes it is a bit much. My Dad would not approve but here we are.
2021-10-14 03:05:48
@BDAnon So your promoting going to a Hollywood movie shouldn't we be boycotting Hollywood movies I thought that was a big part of this movement you know pedophiles or have we all like usual forgot about this already. I mean just shout Fuck Joe Biden and now its okay to fill up stadiums and go to sporting events but yet a year ago it was about boycotting sports for their anti American sentiment and that hasn't changed HYPOCRISY 101!!!!! Really Disgusting!!!!

@conductrofchaos You raise good points I guess. Never thought of it that way. Maybe catch Dune and the Foundation series and see if you can find an underlying message there. A message that might be important in the days that come. Sometimes imperfect people are used to help mankind. I should know. And in the future look back and ask why did they come out now? There is a reason, a reason that is important.
2021-10-14 04:09:06
@BDAnon What’s really hard to fathom for me is that pretty much all I have ever believed, been taught, read, watched, is not truth, or a remnant of truth perhaps…. It is mind blowing. It makes me question everything. While you say BB wants happiness to radiate from us, it’s so hard at this juncture to be happy when we all are worrying about our kids, our jobs, our way to provide. Trump rallied the country to the highest peak he could get Patriots to climb to with rallies, respecting our military, our flag, respect for our country…largest numbers in history of support. Then he left winning in a landslide victory knowing what was happening the night if the election. He walked away. Let the regime take over. It’s hard to radiate happiness from within - genuine happiness - when your environment is important to you. What is going on around you. I live close to the Texas border. There’s not enough protection to stop the surge that is on the way let alone the last influx that was dispersed. Dark dark times. Thank you for your insight and time spent here with us. It will be a sad day upon your departure, so much left unsaid, so many questions still hanging by threads. It will be empty for sure. Annie is a beautiful and fortunate woman to have met up with the likes of you🙂Enjoy the simplicity of the days.

@Burntchestnuts I will and remember another will follow me with a lot more on the ball and the powers to deal with things. I wish all of you the best and I know these are difficult times, and yet you are not alone, and you never have been.
2021-10-14 04:42:35
Well the game is over and I meet with the big guy tomorrow and we will see. At least this time the Doomsday Plane was not parked outside.
2021-10-14 04:48:50
@BDAnon Now THAT is a relief! Hopeful that it means we might just get a pass this time.

We know who wins, BD. I’m sure BB stepped away from that game triumphantly.

@OhnaQinRSA He won everything but our underwear.
2021-10-14 04:50:39
@JamesKaufman880804 There were several and I have wondered sometimes why more folks didn`t seem to think about that a bit more. A lot going on there.
2021-10-14 14:54:46
This is the last open time line and its trajectory is fixed and unfolding.

The trajectory allows for change if that change does not affect the unfolding of the time line such as Annie`s death. Hitler`s death had to happen in exactly the way it happened. He is buried in Argentina. As I learned 3 times the time line quickly reversed my actions. My actions were not stopped they simply disappeared and the brief awareness in the public vanished also. Only I was aware of them and now you. Your awareness of these actions cannot affect the time line so there is no reason that some can not know the truth. This is a perplexing state of affairs but it is. Sometimes awareness is all that can be provided until the time is appropriate for the facts to be divulged. I had to relearn that reality recently, Now that the card game is finished the real game can begin. I will miss the Tech games but it seems their best football has already been played. The ascent of the Georgia Bulldogs is a sure sign the Anti-Christ is here.
2021-10-14 15:04:05
@BDAnon there is a show called hunting hitler. they concluded hitler was in argentina at a certain german house near their nuclear reactor

@blackrow Yep he escaped to Argentina and it was important he did so because of the situation under the poles. I would have nailed the sob.
2021-10-14 15:04:47
@JamesKaufman880804 I have not heard anything new on that. I am a bit out of the loop. I can check on that.
2021-10-14 15:15:49
@BDAnon We are ready for the truth!

Also we would like to know if the “deep state” is going to blow LaPalma in such a way to create a tsunami and flood the coastlines and then have Afghans come out in the guise of “America reservists”?

What are we truly facing?

@OIC I will share soon enough. There are reasons why all I ever did was give you a peek behind the door. Rebecca has been prepared for this role her whole life. I am nothing more or less than a rambling wreck who is worn out and just wants to go back to Annie.
2021-10-14 17:38:47
Was it Hitlers descendants born in Argentina that were important for the timeline?
Is his bloodline still in positions of power?

@Criag yes
2021-10-14 19:22:08
@ChiefAnon @BDAnon @Criag Barry

@mosthighempress @ChiefAnon @Criag Actually Barry was born in Germany. The records exist but we will see. This is all part of the Soros network.
2021-10-14 19:22:17
@BDAnon @Criag Merkel?

@ChiefAnon @Criag nope
2021-10-14 19:23:26
@BDAnon Georgia still hasn't won anything yet, BD. The SEC Championship and Alabama still loom. Let's hope a one-loss Tide can step on them once again.

@DirtySouthPatriot I have great hopes. I will have to remind another who says they will visit to keep me up. Alabama is the last hope. But then again Georgia has a way of shitting the bed.
2021-10-14 19:24:20
@BDAnon Thank you, BDA, you will be greatly missed. Enjoy your life with Annie. BB for the W🙏

@Button97 Thanks. I have to admit it has been one helluva ride. You folks stay safe. Live long and prosper.
2021-10-14 19:26:48
@DC_Cesspool @BDAnon

Those steering the ship in the world today are nimrod like, if you follow.

I find it odd that BDAnon would not address the Giants question from Genesis 6.

@Republic_Of_Texas @DC_Cesspool Me too. But it is what it is. Oh by the way my Russian friend said those cowboys are still on the loose and they have intelligence that suggests two of Biden`s senior staff are on the payroll of the cartels in Mexico. They get a cut of the folks coming in. Know these two I believe it. They are both lying worthless pieces of shit.
2021-10-14 23:47:53
@BDAnon Never really got an explanation as the "how" to travel back. I may have missed it?
If so, I have a shitty investment I would like to undo.

@JohnOutbakjak May have missed it but here goes. In my case it was a reaction to a situation that generated intense fear and dread. Having a military plane shot out from under your ass and looking for a carrier to take with you does that. I did not know at that time that I had a peculiar physical trait that kicked in and transported my physical being to a place in time that I found to be happy and pleasurable. This gift if you will is a family trait that has manifested itself in several family members in my family. Most recently both my father and others. I eventually came in contact with a mentor who helped me develop these talents and triggered my meeting BB. BB was unaware such a being existed. That is why I say that BB is complete but he is not perfect. Other forms of time travel exist but are not the most reliable. Some people have come back as children and others simply did not come back. The most sophisticated scientific efforts in time travel were those of Tesla and this information found its way to the Trump family. My gift seems to be the gold standard but it does mess with your brain and really is not sound. but it is a hoot and I have been blessed meeting some of the most impressive men in History. And right at the top of the list is General Robert E. Lee.
2021-10-14 23:48:40
@BDAnon @mosthighempress @ChiefAnon @Criag

Barry was shat out in

INDONESIA !!!!!!!!!

@Whiteonrice @mosthighempress @ChiefAnon @Criag Who knew.
2021-10-14 23:49:11
@BDAnon @mosthighempress @ChiefAnon @Criag

Knew it! He is blood related to Hitler, isn't he? Grandson?

@DC_Cesspool @mosthighempress @ChiefAnon @Criag Not to my knowledge.
2021-10-14 23:51:20
@BDAnon @paulf BB been busy on pol.... his thumb is on the button...

@jafo2U @paulf Yes I am afraid it is and there are several buttons, from container ships sitting in harbors to the wave of illegal aliens, and more. Expect a market crash by the end of the month as things unravel.
2021-10-14 23:53:39
@BDAnon not sure if you have time for another question. And I've only been following you a short time, so mea culpa if this is ground you've already covered. For some months now I've been "agitated" in the spirit. I felt like something biblical was coming and it was literally leaving me up at night. lots of dreams too. That has passed. I feel now like something is finished (converging timelines)? Now I just feel a very strong pull toward God, like he wants me ready for something. I can't explain this too well, but it's almost palpable. But nobody else seems to be aware of any of this except one other person in my orbit who is experiencing the same thing. Is BB calling to some people for a reason? Is there something we are supposed to do? I think my recent dreams have been trying to tell me something like they have in the past, but I can't hold on to them. Anyway, best of luck to you. May God bless you and keep you and yours.

@Jnorw1967 I really do not know. He works in strange ways and yes something is coming, and soon.
2021-10-14 23:54:54
@BDAnon The antichrist was in the news again today

@DC_Cesspool I have to hand it to her. She is fucking the country and Biden at the same time.
2021-10-14 23:56:05
@BDAnon I know this is a strange one but will I ever get to see my beloved Waterford win the hurling All Ireland before shit hits the fan???

@Deiseboi20 I don`t know. Sorry
2021-10-14 23:57:13
@_G9_ @BDAnon

Oh his name is BDA
A time jumping man
And a roving young fellow he has been
So be easy and free
When you're drinking with me
He's a man you don't meet every day

He has BB at hand
and all time he can command
And always has some info to spare
So be easy and free
When you're remembering with me
BDA is a man you don't meet every day

So come fill up your glasses
Of margarita and wine
Whatever it costs I will pay
So be easy and free
When you're drinking with me
He's a man you don't meet every day

Well I took out my bulldog
And him I did shoot
All down in the county of Fulton
So be easy and free
When you're remembering with me
BDA is a man you don't meet every day

So come fill up your glasses
Of margarita and wine
Whatever it costs I will pay
So be easy and free
When you're drinking with me
He's a man you don't meet every day

So be easy and free
When you're remembering with me
BDA is a man you don't meet every day

Put some bagpipes on this bitch @BDAnon and take it back with you to 1848. I guarantee it tops any sea shanty those San Francisco salty dogs can come up with.

@pogue44 @_G9_ Thank you I will make a copy and give it to Annie.
2021-10-15 00:31:49
@BDAnon @JohnOutbakjak hey BDA what about a case like Kubrick chronicles in The Shining. Can someone get stuck in a timeline or jump to different ones and be immortal, even against their will. Seems like that would be hell on earth.

@pogue44 @JohnOutbakjak not that I know of.
2021-10-15 00:33:19
@BDAnon Are you only able to time travel to the confines of this planet or can you go anywhere in the universe? Also would love to see a pic of the VBM before you go sir.

@ChiefAnon Actually I have only tried it here.
2021-10-15 00:42:45
@BDAnon @JohnOutbakjak when did you know you were a hybrid, if that is the right term?

@chopper755 @JohnOutbakjak I had suspected something for a while but the plane instance proved it.
2021-10-15 14:51:44
A blast from the past: the busybodies at r/Qult_Headquarters notice my coverage of BDA's drops back in October 2019:

@paulf Great book Paul. A lot of truth in there. And by the way aren`t you me?
2021-10-15 14:58:01
@blackrow @Gravidon @pogue44 @paulf @Lady_Slipper @OhnaQinRSA @BDAnon @4rjh My guess is more than Jellystone is gonna blow. BB for the W.

@_G9_ @blackrow @Gravidon @pogue44 @paulf @Lady_Slipper @OhnaQinRSA @4rjh Hello folks. A lot going on. I will post more later.
2021-10-15 14:59:14
@Gravidon @pogue44 @paulf @blackrow @Lady_Slipper @OhnaQinRSA @BDAnon @American50 @4rjh Had a long winded reply to this almost ready but something said not now. Freewill is universal and cannot be tampered with.

But. I hate to be the first to broach the topic but my guess is the big fella, Captain, BD, and all his other iterations has left the building??? 13 hours. Stopped on 304 posts. And why I am thinking this. 304 sure looks like 34. When I copied the last post and went to bed last night I hoped beyond hope there would be more to wake up to but alas. 34 was there like a giant beacon.

So if you are still out there Captain, check in please. If not live long and prosper with some giant nuggets in that pan.

BB for the W.

@_G9_ @Gravidon @pogue44 @paulf @blackrow @Lady_Slipper @OhnaQinRSA @4rjh @American50 I doubt if BB will post for a while. He is busy. Rebecca will be out there soon enough and I might add she will drop in here.
2021-10-15 15:01:39
@OhnaQinRSA @pogue44 @_G9_ @paulf @blackrow @Lady_Slipper @BDAnon I found this article insightful including many of the comments

@triple8 @OhnaQinRSA @pogue44 @_G9_ @paulf @blackrow @Lady_Slipper Why yes everyone meets at Rick`s. One might think of it as a bar in Goldfield. Plenty of room there to park a ship from just about everywhere.
2021-10-15 15:12:07
@BDAnon Yes, I was missing the glory days of Q so I made up this persona of a time-travelling assassin in the President's inner circle and started LARPing as him on 4chan. I even got President Trump, Mike Pompeo, the Saudis, Israel and the Space Force to play along.

@paulf Impressive.
2021-10-15 15:27:48
Hello folks. I will be posting soon but I wanted to mention a few things. As events unfold Mary is a good source for Geological events. I have to be cautious on some of my comments because we are in the period where my comments could effect the timeline and if they do, like my experience with Hitler they will just disappear and your understanding will disappear also. I know this is strange but this timeline is the conscientiousness of BB moving to perfection and he adds or deletes events based on their impact on the timeline. Now you have an awareness of events and as they unfold you will understand what is going on. Most people will not. I will say this,look to the sky. Stars will be doing rather strange things soon enough. Keep in mind his magic underlies everything. Well he did miss me. But he fixed that soon enough. And he still wins all the poker games.
2021-10-15 15:29:06
@OIC @BDAnon @triple8 @OhnaQinRSA @pogue44 @paulf @blackrow @Lady_Slipper Wonder who the lady in the pic on the wall there is?

@_G9_ @OIC @triple8 @OhnaQinRSA @pogue44 @paulf @blackrow @Lady_Slipper Pretty lady.
2021-10-15 15:30:23
@OIC @BDAnon @triple8 @OhnaQinRSA @pogue44 @paulf @blackrow @Lady_Slipper Interesting Lady pic by the Goldfield Lodge sign as well......

@_G9_ @OIC @triple8 @OhnaQinRSA @pogue44 @paulf @blackrow @Lady_Slipper There are some very interesting pictures in a bar in Downieville. The one right beside the Bridge. A lot of deals were cut on that Bridge.
2021-10-16 00:37:02
Hello Everyone. Well here we are in the last hours before I leave. I have a few more posts but I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the friends I have met here and say this exercise has been a great opportunity to discuss topics that are different to say the least. Thanks to Paul for all his efforts in the last few years and his being an honest broker and presenting ideas that many have difficulty with. I am sure he and Rebecca will have a strong relationship and I wish both of them the best. I wish I had more time but it is time for me to move on. You folks will have enough to deal with and I am sure will care and love each other. That will be your greatest strength going forward. Sorry I missed the get together today but I will hope you understand I just have a lot to wrap up.
2021-10-16 00:39:36
I think it is time to share something with you. In Virginia City, Nevada there is a picture of Mark Twain, myself, and Annie. I will still make sure to get something in the Territorial Enterprise. I am sure Lady Slipper can get to the bottom of this.
2021-10-16 00:55:42
My friend Terry.

Terry was one on the kindest, intelligent and honest persons I ever met. He past away at 137 and had a distinguished career under various names. He taught at Harvard, and was a generous supporter of judicial education in a number of locations. He migrated to the United States, in the early part of the Last century. He came here from the Valley of the Blue Moon and was assigned to help nudge the country in ways that benefited America and help the United States in a number of ways. He was for the lack of a better word part of a deep state that was honorable and supportive of democracy and helped promote things in this country that are too numerous to mention.
2021-10-16 01:04:57
@BDAnon tom told me about it when i visited in june. they took down the picture outside the opera house. "they were not showcasing the donors at this time"

@blackrow I did not know that. Hopefully it is there somewhere.
2021-10-16 01:31:36
2021-10-16 01:44:07
Well we have to have an encore.
2021-10-16 01:48:32
@BDAnon just learned that the photo of Maude Adams you combined with the photo of Helena Modrzejewska inspired a time travel novel, you can't leave now! How does Maude figure into all of this? Her photo inspired the 1980's film "Somewhere in Time", encore ENCORE!

EDIT: And she was the original Peter Pan when the play debuted on Broadway, thanks @mibogie

@triple8 Well the plot certainly thickens.
2021-10-16 02:12:19
@BDAnon Why do the Terrys and the BDAnons have to die? Why can’t the timeline for Terry, and for you, be changed? Did you request an end to your service? I mean, lay it out. Have really enjoyed reading this and whatever happens... thanks and may God’s will follow you always.

@olmikey1 Actually living to 137 wasn`t such a bad run. And well I am going to get 20 years with the love of my life. The beauty of mankind is there is a beginning and a end. I sometimes think BB admires us for that.
2021-10-16 02:14:45
@votesmarterplease @BDAnon I was hoping to get more information, I’m full of hope but confused as hell

@Skully6179 @votesmarterplease Good
2021-10-16 02:17:50
@BDAnon @triple8

@votesmarterplease @triple8 Either I am slowing down or you folks are getting too good. Never less have a great life.
2021-10-16 02:21:19
@BDAnon @olmikey1 Why only 20 years?

@votesmarterplease @olmikey1 Why not? Let some young puppy step to the plate. This old dog is worn out.
2021-10-16 02:26:23
@JamesKaufman880804 @votesmarterplease @olmikey1 Yes, In fact the two of them have met.
2021-10-16 02:43:11
Well it is time to exit the stage. In fact I am already gone. I have asked Rebecca to post this for me. And maybe you should say hi. Start out on the right foot and all of that. I do not know the specifics of where she goes with all of this and that is intentional. I had hoped to post 2 additional items but I was scolded and told by a higher power that the scroll would destroy the Catholic church and create far too much interest in things that right now need to been hidden. Also that photos of the Valley of the Blue Moon coupled with the scroll would just start a shit show and could change the time line. And you know how that goes. He will just change everything back and the information would simply go up in smoke, At least now you know the truth and when Rebecca gets to the right point she will release it. Well so long until we meet again.
2021-10-16 02:50:54
@BDAnon Hello Rebecca. Very nice to have you here with us.

@votesmarterplease Thank You. We have a lot to do.
2021-10-16 03:25:51
@maoiwendell Same here. Just lost a dear friend.
2021-10-16 03:27:24
@maoiwendell @votesmarterplease @Ballerinaluv Yes you do.
2021-10-16 03:39:16
@BDAnon Hello Rebecca, how are you?

@KingLeo42 It all feels strange. Got to get my feet wet and soon.